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Hi Karen here

Just trying to find out which parish my ancestors belong to..

I have just found out that William Greer Orr was born in Ireland in 1845 and married in New Plymouth to Mary Olsen in 1866 and had 3 children. His death was in 1931 at the age of 86. His father  James Orr was also a farmer and his mother was Anne Jane Greer.


I live in Hamilton in New Zealand and my grandad's name was Kenneth William Orr.....so im thinking william greer orr was his grandfather...


Your help would be appreciated

Karen Besley

Looking for Johanna O'Leary from Kinsale

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I have very little information to go on, but would love to know the circumstances of my husband's great grandmother being sent to Australia at the age of about 4 years.

Her name was Johanna O'Leary, she arrived in South Australia on the Duke of Roxburghe in 1838.  She was married to Robert Giles (from the Isle of Wight originally)  in 1856 at Sod Hut near Clare, South Australia, and died in 1920 aged 86.

Looking for Laverty/Leverty ancestors in Co. Antrim

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My great great grandparents were William and Janet (or Jane) Laverty, born in County Antrim in approx 1821 and 1824 respectively; had daughters Jane born 1844 and Ann born 1847.  They went to Ayrshire Scotland some time after 1847, had 2 more daughters Margaret and Christina, then emigrated to South Australia, arriving on the Steadfast in 1852;  after arrival they had four more daughters and one son in South Australia.

I don't know which town or parish they were from; would love any earlier information that anyone may possiby have.

Many thanks


Dwyer, Moloney, Buckley, Donnelly

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I am researching my Dwyer origins in the Tulla area.

Facts: Assisted passage shipping records to New South Wales, Australia, in 1855 list my G.Grandfather, Michael Dwyer arriving with his two cousins, Thomas Dwyer and Dennis Moloney, all from 'Tullagh' Clare.. These young men were aged 20,21 and 22 according to the records and had sisters living in Sydney. Catherine, Mary and Bridget Dwyer.

They were Roman Catholic and able to read and write. A 'Catherine Dwyer' paid their 3 fares on the NSW deposit journals in 1854.

John McManus

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Hohn McManus stonemason born C1851 married Catherine Ryan of Doon Limerick and migrated to Australia C1880 (records destroyed by fire)  Am seeking any information about my great grandparents.

Thank you

Inquiry concerning Hines & name "Blaney"

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Surname Hines. My father's first name was "Blaney" and so is mine.(Blaney Eugene Hines). My understanding is that the name comes from Northern Ireland. There is a :Blaney East there and I wonder if that is , in fact, where my family got the name. Besides my father and myself, I know that at least one other ancestor in American also had that name. The Hines family, so I've been told, came from Ireland and settled  in North Carolina before the American Civil War. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Bailie. Hugh and Sarah

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Bailie/Baillie, Hugh and Sarah Jane nee Gibson. Does anyone know this family?

Hugh died in County Down 1856. Wife Sarah Jane and children sailed for Australia in 1862 on the "Lady Milton"

Children born in Saintfield... Sarah Jane circa 1840, Samuel circa 1842, Hugh circa 1843, and David circa 1853.

Any information would be greatl appreciated.




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I am the great great granddaughter of James E. Kinney.  Born December 25, 1824 in County Clare, Ireland.  Died December 18, 1907 in Elma, Iowa, USA.  He arrived in New York on April 2, 1944,  aboard the ship named the Ashburton out of Liverpool.  His father was named James Kinney (born around 1800).

I do not what parish he lived in and no further information about him.  Any help anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated.  

Sharon Kinney Trujillo Kasner

Assistance Needed

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I am looking for birth information on John William Watkins born in Newtownbarry, Wexford in 1822 or 1823.  His father was William - dont know his mothers name and his wife was Hannah Glover.

Hagney's and Connell

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I am looking for more information on the Hagney family.  Terrance Hagney and Sarah Connell were married and had children; one my greatgrandfather, Timothy.  I have no further info on Terrance and Sarah.  Sarah went to  Brooklyn, NY  in 1880's.  I know where and when she died and is buried.  I woujld like to find out when they were married and what happened to Terrance.  Also if any of the children were married in Emly before they emigrated to the US.  Anyone wanting info on them from the US I will supply on request. 

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