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looking for info on my ancestor's

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~~Looking for any information on my ancestors  from Ireland . For research on my family Tree
below is the information I have on my Grandfather Thomas Fahy .
Born in Kinvarra around 1904
lived on his Fathers farm in Kinvarra , But moved to Yorkshire England after his Fathers Death.
Information from 1911 census
Father: John Fahy        birth c1871
Mother: Mary Fahy              c 1872

Serching for ancestors

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My name is Ana Maria Mc Carthy, I live in Argentina, Buenos Aires. I am travelling to Ireland next month and would like to go to the town were my ancestors came from. 

My grandfather´s name was John Mc Carthy, I don´t know when he arrived to Argentina but probably the date could be 1900 o 1903 with his parents, the names  were: John Mc Carthy and Elizabeth King.

I don´t know anything else, thank you for your help!!

Kennedy - Argentina - Buenos Aires

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Hello My name is Ariel Kennedy. I'm looking for my origins in Ireland.
My great-grandfather, Juan Esteban Kennedy (Steven Jhon Kennedy) was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires, in 1885.

I estimate that his father (do not know the name and origin in Ireland) arrived in Argentina between 1850 and 1885.

Thank you all for what they are doing.

Parish Name

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My wife's grandmother Sarah Crotty emigrated to Australia and married Patrick Hayes in Melbourne in 1889.  Sarah's parents were Timothy Crotty and Catherine Skehan of County Clare and we understand that she had a brother Nicholas. We have no information on Timothy's parents. We are looking for information on Timothy and Catherine for family tree purposes. Birth, marriage, death and any other relevant information.

Searching for county or Parish where my ancestors may have been born/lived

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I am travelling to Ireland in 2015, and would dearly like to visit the places that my ancestors were from. They migrated to New Zealand some time after the 1840's. My Father did a lot of research on our Irish ancestory (Family names of KIlfoyle and Lorrigan) but unfortunately he has passed away and I have been searching in vain for his written records. (Yes, I could kick myself several times over for not getting this information from him earlier. I did listen to his stories, but my memory is not accurate enough to recall dates and names of places etc).

Looking for Ancestor

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Hello, my name is Rodney Fayton from Los Angeles, California.

I am searching for informatoin about my third great grandfather John Killeen or Killean. We think he was born in or around 1800-1814 and  was "bound out" from County Longford. He emmigrated to Canada and then to the United States in 1828. He married Hanna Mary Drake. He died in Waterloo New York in 1861. So far all efforts to trace him before he arrived in the new world have been fruitless. (Even what we do know other than his marriage and date of death is somewhat speculative.)

Seeking McMullen or McMullan connection

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Our ancestor Henry McMullen (or McMullan) was born in Armagh in 1804, Parish unknown. Emigrated to Cumberland, England and lived in Wigton where he was married on 1824 in the local Church of England parish. He was a weaver. Later moved to Carlisle were the family was censed in 1841 and 1851. Their children in chronological order were Edward, Mary, Edward II, John, George, James, David, Anne, Samuel, Henry, James and Jane.

Curtin and O'Connor families

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I'm seeking info on my great-grandfather, Thomas Curtin,  

Here is everything that I know about him (not much, unfortunately)::

Devery from Ferbane

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I'm really just putting down what I know in case it ties in with someone searching the same family, and they see this message.

I'm pretty sure the following Church Baptism records are my family

Name: Mary Devery
Date of Baptism/Birth: 00-Apr-1837
Parish/District: Ferbane,  Co. Offaly
Father: William Devery
Mother: Bridget Egan

Stewart Ancestry

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I am new to this website, but am seeking out details of our Ancestry from my Great Great grandfather Samuel Irwin Stewart b 1812 D 1902 back to three generations to Hugh Stewart who came out with Sir William Stewart in 1608 from Scotland. Samuel's father was a William Stewart and his father was John Stewart. There may be same history in the Clogher Church where some of the family have been burried

Any assistance would be appreviated, or direction as to where I can obtain further details


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