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Seeking help with Patrick Fahey & Nancy Madden of Tipperary, please?

Dtr Mary Jane Fahey b. 1876 Clonmel Tipperary m. Patrik Joseph Egan 1901 USA. Mary died 1952 Hampshire Massachusetts USA. Had 8 children.





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Hi Jameson,

I have looked at www.rootsireland.ie and searched for a birth record for Mary Jane Fahey but to no avail.  I also searched the marriage records for patrick Fahey and Anne (Nancy) Madden but couldn't find that either.  I'm just wondering how sure are you that Tipperary is the county to search.  Another site www.irishgenealogy.ie covers 5 other counties, perhaps it would be worth a try there.

You seem pretty sure about Clonmel and the date.  Have you a birth cert or Baptismal cert for Mary Jane?

I'm interested to know your source of information.  Write back and we'll see if we can go any further from that.  

Any idea of the port of arrival?



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Hi can Jameson reach out to

Hi can Jameson reach out to me!  I think we may be wanting the same information on a Nancy Madden & Patrick Fahey.  I believe Nancy's real name is Anne.   Nancy was first married to a Walter Lalor.  Nancy & Walter are my 3rd great grandparents.  Please email me at breyes@sdflaw.com.  Thank you!

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