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Am looking for the desendants of Daniel (donald) Moloney b.1815 d. 1877 and Mary Moloney nee Hartigan b.1815 she was still alive when Daniel died they lived at Ocallaghans mills the house is no longer there,there children are John Moloney b.May 1839. Margaret Moloney b.Dec 1840 Michael Moloney b.Aug 1841, d.28-08-1934 Wanganui New Zealand he emigrated to New Zealand 1875 have all his desendants as he his my husbands grandfather, James Moloney b.Feb 1846, Daniel Moloney b.june 1853 all baptised in the Tulla Church we think there may have been a Myles Moloney who died about aged 10 can not find any record at all of him any help on Daniels and Marys children would be most appreciated Regards janice moloney


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Dear Michael:


Yes, there were a number of Moloney families in the parish and in the parish in O'Callaghan's Mills.  I will take a look for you through the parish register.  I can tell you that the names that you have mentioned were names in the parish registers.


I will get back to you in a week or so.

Thanks for your query.


Kind  regards,



Tulla Clare
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Daniel (Donald) Moloney

Dear Michael:


I have had a look at the Tulla parish register and below is the following information:


Daniel Moloney & Mary Hartigan had the following children:


1.  John ? May 1839

2.  Margaret 7 December 1840

3.  Michael 26 August 1841

4.  James  2 February 1846

5. Daniel b. 12 June 1853.


There is no entry for a Myles.  Note that the above dates are baptismal dates. 


I hope that this is of some assistance to you.  Many thanks for your query.


Kind regards,



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