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County Kildare (IrishContae Chill Dara) is a County in Ireland. It is part of the midlands and is also located in the province of Leinster

Kildare (Cill Dara in modern Irish, originally derived from Cell Dara in Old Irish, meaning "Church of the Oak") is a town in County Kildare, in Ireland.  Although Kildare gives its name to the county, Naas is the county town.

The History of Kildare

Kildare is one of the oldest towns in Ireland. It originated in pre-Christian times when it was the site of a shrine to the Celtic Goddess Brigid. It later became the site of the great Christian foundation of St. Brigid. Today it contains many historic buildings and ruins; the legacy of 1500 years of history. It can therefore claim to be one of the oldest, if not the oldest, town in Ireland. Kildare owes its ancient importance to St. Brigid who founded her monastery here in the late 5th. century. However Kildare would appear to have even older pagan origins as a shrine to the Celtic goddess.

The are many references to Kildare and its churches during the ninth, tenth and eleventh centuries, principally relating to raids and plunderings by Vikings and native Irish alike. For instance the Annals of the Four Masters record that in 835 A.D. a Danish fleet of thirty ships arrived in the Liffey and another in the Boyne: They plundered every church and abbey within the territories of Magh Liffe and Magh Breagh. They destroyed the town [Kildare] with fire and swords.

Very shortly after the Normans landed in Ireland in 1169, they occupied Kildare and Strongbow made it the centre of his campaign to conquer Leinster.  It is also in this early period that there is a first mention of a castle in Kildare; this was probably a motte and bailey castle. The first stone castle was built by the Earl Marshal on the site of the present castle in the early 13th. century.
In 1798 Kildare was deeply involved in the Rebellion. Lord Edward Fitzgerald, the leader of the rebellion, had his home in the town and some 350 local men were massacred in Gibbet Rath in the early days of the rebellion when they were trying to surrender.

Kildare today

The population of the county is 210,312 according to the 2011 census. Kildare is the 24th largest of Irelands thirty-two counties in area and seventh largest in terms of population.The county has three major rivers running through it, The Barrow, The Liffy and The Boyne

Kildare is the centre of the Irish horse industry, Kildare has more stud farms than any other county in Ireland. Punchestown, The Curragh which hosts all five Classic Races and Nass are all very popular Race Courses.Kildare GAA has also a very successful team known as the Lilywhites, reference to there white jerseys.Kildare is a great tourist spot due to its closeness to Dublin.  There are many Historical sites and therefore Kildare became a Heritgae Town. Places to see St.Brigids Catherdral, The Castle of Kildare,amd many Abbeys. Out door activities are in an abundence, golf, fishing walking etc.

Kildare is the centre of Irelands Grand Canal network built in the late 18th century. This connects Kildare with Waterford, Dublin, Limerick and Athlone.


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Griffiths valuation Link. http://www.failteromhat.com/griffiths/kildare/kildare.htm

1901 Irish Census for County Kildare. http://www.census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Kildare/Kildare/

Kildare County Council Website  -  www.kildare.ie/countycouncil/

Kildare County Library Site  -  www.kildare.ie/library/

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www.kildare.ie  History & Heritage


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