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John Joseph Malley, Belmullet, Co. Mayo

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I am third (if you believe my mother) or fourth generation Irish-American.  My father, John Joseph Malley's family came from Belmollet, Co Mayo, and my mother, Cathrine Ann Gannon from Co Leitrim.  How can I go about this?



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Malley Gannon

I'd start searching in the US first to see if you can find out more specific locations in Mayo and Leitrim and  family members names who remained in Ireland.  You'll probably have some good luck on sites like Familysearch.org (free) and Ancestry.com (subscription but free at some libraries).  Once you have some names, try to find obituaries for irish born ancestors in local news archives.  Once you have that info, you'll be in a better position to search in Ireland. 

Given that you family has been in the US for a few generations, there also may be other family researchers out there who may have more family records, pictures etc. .  Once you have a bit more information, post  names/key dates/locations of parents and siblings on Surname and Location Message Boards. 

I did see a marriage document from PA on Familysearch.org for a John J. Malley and Catherine A. Gannon which has parent names and some residence and birth info.  Hopefully they are a match and might give you a start. 

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