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O'Connor and Doyle; unsure if my gg grandparents were from Wexford or Wicklow county; please help

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My gg grandparents, Bartholomew O'Connor/Connors b. about 1807 and Margaret Doyle b. about 1819, along with their two young sons, Patrick b. 1844 and Denis b. 1845, immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1847. 

Bartholomew had received a crown land grant of 100 acres. The land he and the family settled on was located in East Camden, Lennox and Addington county, Onatario, Canada. They went on to have 5 other children, Mary b. 1848, Bartholomew (of whom I am descended from) b. 13 Feb 1850, John b. 1852, Margaret b. 1854 and Thomas b. 1856.

Bartholomew used O'Connor and Connors interchangably. All the Canadian born children were baptized into the St. Anthony Padhua RC parish located in Centreville and were baptized as "Connors" with the exception of the youngest who  was baptized as "O'Connor". On Bartholomew and Margaret's tombstone are engraved the words "of Wexford county, Ireland" and their names are engraved "O'Connor".

This is the only thing I have to go by telling me where in Ireland they were from. I have posted to various Wexford county message boards concerning my search for info on them. There have been a few responses from people in Ireland that have looked at parish registers for me and none have found my Bartholomew or Margaret. It has been suggested to me by these same people that I should also post to Wicklow county message boards. Apparently they may have been from a parish in Wicklow that borders with Wexford county. The family was/is Roman Catholic.

I do not know either of their parents or siblings names. I am aware that these 2 counties are not the ancestral homeland of the O'Connor clan but are of the Doyle clan. I have exhausted all Canadian records on them but have not located a ship's passenger list with them listed on it so I also do not know where they departed from.

Only 3 of the 7 children married, Denis, Bartholomew and Thomas. All 7 of the children used the surname of O'Connor and all 7 of their confirmations were recorded as "O'Connor." 

Thomas, who married Elizabeth Brennan, Bartholomew who married Mary Ellen Barry of west Cork, Ireland of the Celtic O'Baire clan, and one of the sisters, Margaret, remained in eastern Ontario province. Thomas and Bartholomew each owned their own farms, near to each other,  in Tyendinaga township near the small town of Lonsdale. Thomas and Elizabeth had 7 children. Bartholomew and Mary Ellen had 11 children of which I am descended from child #5, William Vincent O'Connor, my grandfather b. 12 Jul 1893.Their sister, Margaret lived with Thomas and his family until she died.

The other 4 children, Patrick, Denis, John and Mary emmigrated west to Huron county, Canada. Denis had married Bridget McVicar back in Marysville parish in Tyendinaga and they had their first 4 children there on the farm he co-owned with his brother, Bartholomew. He and Bridget eventually sold their half of that farm to Bartholomew and they went west to meet up with the other siblings. Denis bought a farm out in Huron county near to the one owned by his brothers, John and Patrick.

As stated earlier, Patrick and John, co-owned a farm in Huron county. They remained bachelors their entire life and their sister Mary, who also never married, lived with her two brothers until she died. All 3 of these siblings are buried next to each other sharing one large tombstone in St. Augustine RC cemetary in Huron county. Denis and his wife had a total of 7 children. They and 4 of their children are all buried next to each other with a shared tombstone in St. Michael's RC cemetery in Huron county.

I am looking to find any information on Bartholomew and Margaret and/or of the birth of their sons Patrick and Denis. I have posted this same message on the Wicklow county board as well hoping for help from both county's people in learning where my Bartholomew and Margaret were from.

Thank you,

BarbaraJo O'Connor-Caisse     Coventry, CT, USA



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O'Connor/Doyle family of either Wexford or Wicklow counties

As a follow-up on my inquiry post I would just like to add, for the sake of completeness...that my grandfather William Vincent immigrated to Detroit, Michigan, USA in 1916. He worked his way east to Brooklyn, NY, USA where he met and married my grandmother Elizabeth Mary O'Nolan on 06 Jun 1939.

My grandmother, Elizabeth Mary was born in Bagenalstown, Carlow co. Ireland on 12 Dec 1909. She immigrated alone to NYC in July of 1930. She worked as a hotel domestic in Brooklyn, NY and lived in a boarding house in Brooklyn. She met my grandfather at a St. Patty's Day dance sponserd by their parish. My grandfather was 16years older than her.

Their son, William James (the oldest of 2) married my mom Bonita Jo Lambruschi (Italian/English/Irish descent) in Brooklyn, NY. I was born in Brooklyn, NY the oldest of 4. The family moved out to a rural town in eastern Long Island, NY when I was age 3. There I and my siblings were raised, the yongest two being born out there.

BarbaraJo O'Connor-Caisse    Coventry, CT, USA

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