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O'Connor and Doyle; unsure if my gg grandparents were from Wexford or Wicklow county; please help

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My gg grandparents, Bartholomew O'Connor/Connors and Margaret Doyle immigrated in 1847 to East Camden, Lennox and Addington county, Ontario, Canada with their 2 young sons, Patrick b. 1844 and Denis b. 1845. On the tombstone of Bartholomew and Margaret is engraved "of Wexford county Ireland." 

However, in posting to various Wexford county message boards the advice to me from folks living in Ireland is that I need to search in the parishes in Wicklow county that border Wexford county because volunteers searching for me in Wexford parishes have not located Bartholomew and/or Margaret in any of the records. My famiy were/are Roman Catholic.

I have no information on the family of Bartholomew and Margaret. I know no names of their parents or siblings. The records I have located in Canada on them have Bartholomew using O'Connor and Connors interchangably. Their children were all baptized as "Connors" with the exception of their youngest child, Thomas, who was baptized as "O'Connor". 

Bartholomew and Margaret had 7 children in total. Patrick b. 1844 in Ireland, Denis b. 1845 in Ireland, Mary b. 1848 in E. Camden, Ontario, Canada, Bartholomew (of whom I am descended) b. 13 Feb 1850, John b. 1852, Margaret b. 1854 and Thomas b. 1856. All the siblings born in Canada were born to the parish of St. Anthony Padhua in Centreville, Ontario. Only Denis, Bartholomew and Thomas married. All 7 of the children used O'Connor as their last names. Bartholomew and Margaret are buried in their parish cemetery, the names on their gravestone is "O'Connor." Bartholomew owned a 100 acre farm in Canada and all his sons became farmers as well on their own land. 

Thomas, Bartholomew and their sister Margaret remained in eastern Ontario province. The brothers each bought land in the township of Tyendinaga near the small town of Lonsdale. Margaret lived with Thomas and his family until she died. Thomas married Elizabeth Brennan of the parish of Marysville in Tynendinaga they had 7 children together. Bartholomew married Mary Ellen Barry whose family had immigrated from west Cork. Bartholomew and Mary Ellen had 11 children, I am descended from their 5th child, William Vincent, who was my grandfather.

Patrick, Denis, John and the other sister, Mary all immigrated west to Huron county, Canada. Denis had married a girl, Bridget McVicar who was also from the Marysville parish in Tyendinaga. Patrick and John owned a farm together and Mary lived with them until the day she died. Denis and his wife owned a farm nearby, they had 7 children born to them.

I would like help in finding out if Bartholomew O'Connor/Connors and/or Margaret Doyle started out in a Wicklow parish. Also in learning where their oldest two children Patrick and Denis were born? Wicklow or Wexford?


BarbaraJo O'Connor-Caisse  Coventry, CT, USA


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adding dob to my prior posts

Bartholomew was born about 1807 and Margaret about 1819 according to the ages written on their tombstones. This correlates with their stated ages on the 1851,61,71 and 81 Canadian censuses. Which also all state their arrival date, along with Patrick and Denis's, as "1847".

BararaJo O'Connor-Caisse   Coventry, CT, USA

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