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Welcome to Hollywood (Wicklow)

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Welcome to Hollywood Parish

You are very welcome to the Ireland Reaching Out Parish of Hollywood

About Hollywood Parish

Hollywood, historically known as Killinkeyvin meaning "Kevin's little church", is a village in west County Wicklow, .



The village has a long association with 6th Century Saint Kevin and many pilgrims passed through, following in Saint Kevin's footsteps, on their way to the monastic settlement at Glendalough, until the practice ceased in the early 1900s.  Saint Kevin's Way is a 30 km pilgrim path from Hollywood to Glendalough,The Church of Ireland in the village  has a vaulted roof from the 17th century. About 3 km northeast of the village is the picturesque Poulaphouca, where the Liffey cascades in three stages. 

Hollywood, like its namesake in California, has an illustrious past in the entertainment industry. It has provided the picturesque setting for some of the filming of several movies, including King Arthur, Dancing At Lughnasa, and Michael Collins.

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