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Leitrim National School

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Have found the roll of Leitrim National School (Girls only) from 100 years ago in my mother's papers if anyone would like a name researched. Also, if someone can suggest an appropriate 'home' (local Historical Society, or Ireland XO etc) for the second nicest parish in the country, I'd be very happy to donate.

The roll (1911/12) is for the 'Cookery and Laundry Work' and records both what was cooked and the names and standard of the 27 girls in the class (their 'standard' likely gives an indication of their ages too). The items cooked and chores detailed seem practical and perhaps even (a little) ahead of its time. Miss MacDonald and Miss Deely were the Teachers.

Best of luck to everyone researching / searching in the very lovely parish of Leitrim-Aille-Killeenadeema.



sineadcooney (not verified)
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Leitrim National School

Hi there,

That's wonderful! What a treasure of information you hold. I would suggest that you get in contact with the local County Heritage Officer Marie Mannion about it. She will offer you the best advice on what to do next. http://www.galway.ie/en/Services/Heritage/

Please make sure you link anyone else in your family who is interested in their Irish heritage to our site - and indeed anyone else you know of Irish heritage.

Kind regards,

Sinead Cooney

Genealogist (Ireland XO)

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Leitrim National School


Miss Deely was my greatgrandmother, i would love to see that document sometime.

Regards Cathal Foley.

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No problem Cathal.

No problem Cathal.

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School life is most careful

School life is most careful according to prospects of parents about their children. This Source containing more information about that.

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