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Thomas Mulrey/Mulry & Ellen Nicholson

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Seeking information on Thomas Mulrey/Mulrey b. abt 1851 in Dangan, Galway. He married Ellen Nicholson b. abt 1858 in the same area. They married before 1876. Son Thomas b. 12 Sep 1879 in Dangan. He went to Boston, Massachusetts about 1904 with his younger sister Ellen. They joined their sister Mary who already lived in the Boston area. Additional children of Thomas & Ellen were Margaret, Honora/Nora, & Michael (b. about 1893). There may have been more children than these I have listed. Thomas & Ellen are alive in the 1911 census. They live in Slievegorm, Killererin Parish in 1901 & 1911. Thomas (b. abt 1851) probably had brothers Patrick & Michael. Would like to correspond with any descendants.


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Oma I have Mulrys in Dangan


I have Mulrys in Dangan in my extended family tree


I had John Thomas m Ellen Nicholson http://census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Galway/Moyne/Danganbeg/1397... but will have to check that to verify with their descendents following on fromyour info

You can contact me at martinjcurley@gmail.com 




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Martin, thank you for the

Martin, thank you for the response. I am 99% sure that my husband's family are Thomas & Ellen Mulry who are found at http://census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1901/Galway/Moyne/Slievegorm/1397836/

No idea where their son Thomas (b. 1879) is located in 1901. Have been unable to find him in the 1901 census.


In 1911 Thomas & Ellen Nicholson Mulrey are at: http://census.nationalarchives.ie/pages/1911/Galway/Moyne/Slievegorm/474328/

Only Michael & Nora (Honora?) are still at home. Thomas (b.1879) had been in Boston for several years by that date & had married in 1909 in Boston.

I am sure that the Mulrys must have all be related. Do you know in which parish church their records would be located? Am having a hard time finding out for sure.

Thanks, Sharon


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Mulry/Mulrey in Dangan

Was reading Susan's and Martin's posts about Mulrey's from Dangan. It may be that one of my relatives may have been related to  your family at the beginning of the 20th century, but it would be somewhat of an arm's length relationship to my immediate family. 

My grandfather's brother (and therefore my father's uncle), John Kirwan, married Ellen Mulvey in 1903. Both were from "Dangan".  (More on that later.) Her father's name is listed as Patrick Mulvey. When their first child (Mary) was born, Ellen's maiden name was spelled "Murly". A Patrick "Murly" leased a small amount of land in Danganbeg, according to Griffith's Survey  (1848 to 1855).  When the land leased by Patrick ( as well as my great- great grandfather Patrick Kirwan's farm) was sold under the Encumbered lands law in about 1855, Patrick's name was spelled "Murley".  Not hard to go from one spelling to the next.  If there is a relationship, there were Ellens in several generations of Murlys.    

A liitle  demographic background, which I hope will not bore you. "Dangan" is a "place", apparently well used in 19th century Ireland as an identifiable location. It had a post office at that time, but was never a legal subdivision, even though it is used in all kinds of legal documents, as you have seen. In contrast, there are three townlands  (legal subdivisions of hundreds of years standing, but without taxing or police powers (!) that incorporate the name: Danganbeg, Dangan Oughter, and Dangan Eighter.  The PO was in Dangan Eighter, I think. The three Dangans are contiguous, and Danganbeg and Oughter almost surround Slievegorm, the other townland in your histories. My family was, it seems, from Dangan Oughter. 


So, we have two more names, Patrick and a second Ellen to add to the mixmaster. It's also interesting that Martin has John Thomas and Ellen from Danganbeg and Susan has Thomas and Ellen from Slievegorm in the same census. Can't be more than a mile apart.  



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Peter In that area there are


In that area there are a few Mulry families - not all related within living memory 

I have located Sharon's family and have emailed her 

Will see how the others are related:


I have in family tree :

Mulrys in Slievegorm : Thomas b 1851 m Ellen Nicholson = Sharon's family

Mulrys in Tawnaghbaun - family married Treacy, Fahy, Coyle Not related asfar as I can tell

Mulrys in Dangan:

Patrick m McMahon : children Michael born 1830s m  Catherine Mannion | Lawrence born 1839 m Emily ? | Patrick born 1841 m Margaret Nicholson

Patrick and Margaret had a daughter Ellen born cJuly 30 1872 Her sister Margaret m Richard Hanrahan Is this your Ellen? 








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