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Information Please on the Hughes, Collins & McGuirk Families

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Margaret Hughes, born ca 1830, daughter of John and Sarah Collins Hughes, married Arthur McGuirk in 1850 in Loughgall. Daughter Sarah was born ca 1853 and son Patrick ca 1855. Arthur must have died but I can't find a record. Margaret Hughes McGuirk married James Kimlahan in Loughgall in 1857 and the couple, along with Margaret's 2 children, emigrated to Poughkeepsie, New York as Kimlahan. There the family was known as Kimlin. James died in December 1874 and sometime before1880 Margaret, now using the McGuirk surname, and Patrick moved to Troy, NY.  Margaret died there in 1892 and Patrick in 1895. Sarah and her husband, James Welch (my great grandparents) lived in Albany, NY 1n 1880 with daughter Mary and son George. James Welch died in 1882 in New York City and Sarah, with Mary, George, Margaret and James moved to Troy to be with her mother, Margaret McGuirk. In 1895 Sarah and children moved to New York City where the family continued to live and the children marry. Sarah McGuirk Welch died in 1917 and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Troy, NY with her mother, brother and children, except for Margaret.

I only recently learned of Margaret Hughes McGuirk's second marriage and because of that information, was able to place the family's origin in Armagh and determine the  place and dates of her marriages. I would be interested in hearing from anyone connected to or with information about any of. my ancestors.


sineadcooney (not verified)
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Information Please on the Hughes, Collins & McGuirk Families

Hi there,

Thank you very mcuh for your query to Ireland Reaching Out. You say that you think Patrick may have died and you cannot find a record - have you thought about the possibility that he might have emigrated?

Do you know the name of the ship they emigrated on? If you do, there might be more details from records at the port of arrival in the US. These details were not generally kept at the port of departure.

Check the records of PRONI (Public Records of Northern Ireland) for more details on the Armagh conection.

Best of luck with your search!

Kind regards,

Sinead Cooney

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