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Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out Parish of Moore. 

  • About Moore

This parish is inthe barony of Moycarnon situated 2 miles from Ballinasloe on the road to Athlone on the banks of the river shannon and suck holding a population of 4376 people. Disturbances of violence would have occured in the 14th to 16th century.

Sales of Goods, purchases, Less cost of sales and Return Inwards are some of the many situations that take place in the banks of the town and then every Sunday there is an annual market for the public, and its nice for everyone.

Roman Catholic Divisions form part of a District of Clonfad.

Families in the region and parish

Griffiths valuation link. http://www.failteromhat.com/griffiths/roscommon/moore.htm

Adams John Raghrabeg Moore Roscommon

Brien Patrick Raghrabeg Moore Roscommon

Brock Owen Culliaghmore Moore Roscommon

Burke Michael Culliaghmore Moore Roscommon

Burke Patrick Ardnaglug Moore Roscommon

Burke William Culliaghmore Moore Roscommon

Burnes John Clooneish Moore Roscommon

Burnes Michael Clooneish Moore Roscommon

Caffery Catherine Camcloon Moore Roscommon

Carr Patrick Derrylahan Moore Roscommon

Carroll Thomas Cloonulty Moore Roscommon

Carty Edmond Oldtown Kilcashel Moore Roscommon

Carty James Moore South Moore Roscommon

Carty James Oldtown Kilcashel Moore Roscommon

Carty John Cloonshask Moore Roscommon

Carty John Newtown Kilcashel Moore Roscommon

Carty Judith Moore South Moore Roscommon

Carty Margaret Moore North Moore Roscommon

Carty Mary Moore South Moore Roscommon

Carty Patrick Clooneish Moore Roscommon

Carty Patrick Cloonshask Moore Roscommon

Carty Patrick Oldtown Kilcashel Moore Roscommon

Carty Thomas Clooneish Moore Roscommon

Carty Thomas Moore North Moore Roscommon

Carty Thomas Moore South Moore Roscommon

Caulfield Edward Liberty Moore Roscommon

Caulfield James Lowtown-Kilcashel Moore Roscommon

Caulfield James Raghrabeg Moore Roscommon

Caulfield Patrick Lowtown-Kilcashel Moore Roscommon

Caulfield Timothy Cloonfad Moore Roscommon

Caulfield Timothy Correenbeg Moore Roscommon

Caulfield Timothy Creggan Moore Roscommon

  • Townlands in the Parish of Moore

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