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Munster is a province of Ireland, located in the south of the island. The province is not used as an administration division as such, with the counties filling that role. Much of the area aside from Clare is represented internationally by the South constituency of the European Parliament. The province is of ancient origin and continues as a cultural region forming a strong part of local identity. Geographically Munster covers a total area of 24,675 km2 (9,527 square miles) and the most populated city is Cork.

This page is being used at the moment ONLY for posting messages on the Munster Message Board for people who know that there ancestors are (or were) based in Munster, but do not know what county or parish they came from. If you know what county or parish your ancestors came from, please JOIN that parish and post your message on their message board - you'll get a quicker and more informed response that way.

The more information that you have about your ancestors, the better the response you should receive. Try to post as much information as possible:

  • names
  • dates
  • places
  • if they were married (and to whom)
  • children's names
  • descendants' names
  • any thing else you can think of

When your query has gathered enough information for you to decide what county your ancestors came from, we can then more your query to that county's message board (and eventually to the message board of the parish from which your ancestors came).

This will be an exciting journey for (and us).

Message Boards for Counties in Munster

Visit the Clare Message Board - www.irelandxo.comVisit the Cork Message Board - www.irelandxo.comVisit the Kerry Message Board - www.irelandxo.comVisit the Limerick Message Board - www.irelandxo.comVisit the Tipperary Message Board - www.irelandxo.comVisit the Waterford Message Board - www.irelandxo.com

Resources for Munster include:

Clare County Library - http://www.clarelibrary.ie/

Clare Genealogy Centre - http://www.clareroots.com/

Cork County Library - http://www.corkcoco.ie/co/web/Cork%20County%20Council/Departments/Library%20&%20Arts%20Service

Cork - Mallow Heritage Centre - http://mallowheritagecentre.com/

Cork - Cape Clear Heritage Centre - http://www.capeclearmuseum.ie/

Cork - Skibberean Heritage Centre - http://www.skibbheritage.com/

Kerry County Library - http://www.kerrylibrary.ie/

Kerry - Certificate of Irish Heritage - http://www.heritagecertificate.com/

Kerry Archaeological Historical Society - http://www.kerrylibrary.ie/kahs.asp

Limerick County Library - http://www.lcc.ie/Library/

Limerick Genealogy - http://www.limerickgenealogy.com/

Tipperary County Library - http://www.tipperarylibraries.ie/

Tipperary South Heritage Centre - http://tipperarysouth.rootsireland.ie/

Tipperary Heritage Unit - http://www.tfhr.org/

Waterford County Library - http://www.waterfordcountylibrary.ie/en/

Waterford Heritage Genealogical Centre - http://waterford.rootsireland.ie/



Website Links:


The Certificate of Irish Heritage is a unique and personalized document that provides official recognition by the Irish Government of your Irish heritage.

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