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Welcome to Roscrea (Tipperary)


Welcome to Roscrea, the town with the 31st Wonder of the Word!

Roscrea and its history.


Nestled as it is on a crossroads on the important ancient route to Tara – the Slí Dála, and perched on the high ground between the Devil’s Bit and Slieve Bloom mountain ranges, Roscrea boasts a long and proud heritage stretching back over six thousand years.  Indeed, during the recent construction of the M7 new evidence of settlements were unearthed at Derrymore & Camblin.

It is no wonder then that with its area being populated for many millennia, claiming as it does the title of The Oldest Inland Town in Ireland being a town for 1,500 years with so many historical buildings in evidence throughout the town that a wonderful “sense of place” and belonging exists here.

Don't just take our word for it!  See below.

Few places for the size can boast of more interesting antiquarian remains, and in greater variety, than Roscrea.”  

Taken from:  Cooke, Thomas Lalor: The Early History of the Town of Birr, Published 1875


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