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Tamlaght is a parish in the barony of Loughinsholin and has a population of 2,854.

Weaving of linen is carried on in conjunction with agriculture.  There were two extensive bleach-greens in operation, neither of which is now worked.

The glebe house was built in 1781 at the expense of £496.  £129 was a gift from the late Board of First Fruits.

In 1783 Tamlaght was erected as a parish by the Primate Tobinson.  The church is a plain edifice.  There are three public schools were about 280 children are educated.  There are three private schools where about 90 children attend


In the 2001 census there was a population of 276.

The 1821 – 1851 census returns were almost all destroyed in a fire, the 1861 – 1891 census returns were destroyed by the government.  The 1901 – 1911 census returns are available on line free of charge on line on the National Archives of Ireland website.



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