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Welcome to Tullyniskan (Tyrone)


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Welcome to Tullyniskan

You are very welcome to the Ireland Reaching Out Parish of Tullyniskan


Which is situated in the barony of Dungannon and is on the road to Stewartstown. The canal of Tyrone lies beside the main road going to the town. The town of Tullyniskan has a population of 4102 people. On the land the main crops that are sowed there are of corn and flax. And the tools they use are spades, shovals and weeding equipment. The town was formed in the year 1834 by two men from England and it was they who got work under way from that time onwards. The church in the town was in ruins up until 1792, but a group of workers decided to built a new church at New Mills.


The  1821 - 1851 census returns were almost all destroyed in a fire, the 1861 - 1891 census were destroyed by the government.  However the 1901 - 1911 census returns are available on line on the National Archives of Ireland website.



In 1641 the old church was destroyed during the war and remained in ruins until 1792, when Primate Robinson dissolved the union and erected the present church at New Mills, near the ancient ruins.

Torren hill, New Mills and Derryvale are large greens where about 20,000 pieces of linen cloth are bleached annually and are then sold at the English markets. Oghran, New Mills and Coal Island are areas where iron works, forges and platingmills for the manufacture of spades, shovels and edge-tools are extensively carried out.

In 1834 two English gentlemen established a plant for the manufacture of fire-bricks, pots for glass-houses and crucibles, these were mainly for export to London, Liverpool and Lancashire.  


Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Tullyniskan, County Tyrone




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