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Elizabeth Stanton (Staunton) Portadown, Armagh

24-Mar-17 6:50
Ireland XO Community 3 Elizabeth married in New Zealand,
by JulzNZ 24-Mar-17 18:31

Thomas Reynolds

24-Mar-17 1:21
Ireland XO Community 2 Duplicate message.
by Castlemore Roscommon 24-Mar-17 14:26

Thomas Reynolds

24-Mar-17 1:16
Ireland XO Community 4 HI Col and Roger,
by Pat Hallinan 25-Mar-17 1:45

I Don't Know What I Have!!!

23-Mar-17 21:38
Inchigeelagh (Cork) 2 The baptism took place in St.
by Elwyn 23-Mar-17 21:46

Searching for any information about my father, James McCabe's, family.

23-Mar-17 19:29
Ireland XO Community 2 Brian,
by Elwyn 23-Mar-17 20:34

Thanks for adding me to your group ;-)

23-Mar-17 17:15
Clondavaddog (Donegal) 3 Hi Suz
by Clondavaddog Donegal 23-Mar-17 22:41

Searching for King- Duncan Family Members

23-Mar-17 16:58
Ireland XO Community 2 Chrissie,
by Elwyn 23-Mar-17 19:59


23-Mar-17 16:44
Kilmacrehy (Clare) 2 Michael:
by Castlemore Roscommon 23-Mar-17 21:48

Bellurgan Park

23-Mar-17 15:08
Ireland XO Community 4 Kat
by St Peters Louth 24-Mar-17 0:25

Patrick McDonnell - b C.1818 - Father John, Mother Margaret

23-Mar-17 11:35
Antrim (Antrim) 2 You don’t say what denomination, so
by Elwyn 23-Mar-17 11:55


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