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22-Apr-17 17:25
Ireland XO Community 3 Anna:
by Castlemore Roscommon 28-Apr-17 18:41

Carrolls /Franeys of clonbrock/crettyard/Doonane

22-Apr-17 16:10
Mayo Doonane (Laois) 3 Hi Roger, many thanks for your
by Sammy 23-Apr-17 10:31

Ann Browne / Michael Ryan /Pat Ryan

22-Apr-17 15:40
Mayo Doonane (Laois) 3 Hi Roger,
by Sammy 23-Apr-17 10:43

Catherine BRENNAN c1850-1908

22-Apr-17 15:37
Westmeath 7 Thank you again Roger. I have
by sturner2701 25-Apr-17 4:59

Paul O'Neill

22-Apr-17 15:23
Ireland XO Community 5 Thank you Elwyn.  Despite the
by Lorilee 24-Apr-17 14:40

McAdam brothers John and James

22-Apr-17 15:20
Fermanagh 3 Thank you, Bob, that is helpful as
by LizL 25-Apr-17 15:14

Peter SCANLON c1798-1883 & Mary CURRAN c1801-1855

22-Apr-17 14:57
Longford 6 Thank you David. 
by sturner2701 30-Apr-17 13:24

Cunningham Family

22-Apr-17 14:33
Ireland XO Community 2 Sarah:
by Castlemore Roscommon 22-Apr-17 15:13

John O'GRADY c1812-1888 & Bridget OWENS c1825-1912

22-Apr-17 14:16
Kildare 4 Hi Linda,
by sturner2701 30-Apr-17 13:18

Adams & Thornton (Thorington)

22-Apr-17 14:02
Ireland XO Community 5 I had already tried Andrew on the
by EAC61 28-Apr-17 16:24


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