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County Antrim, Ireland
Welcome to Co. Antrim. Our county is one of the nine counties in the province of Ulster. We are situated in the north-east of the island of Ireland and are delighted to welcome you

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Jim McGookin

Thursday 13th October, 2016, 4:18PM
by Rorer46 Monday 17th October, 2016, 10:21PM


Friday 7th October, 2016, 1:57AM
7 Roger,
by liblynx Tuesday 11th October, 2016, 1:09PM

Hood from Larne

Thursday 15th September, 2016, 6:54AM
6 Thanks Roger and Shane not sure I
by Sueryan Saturday 17th September, 2016, 10:33PM


Thursday 2nd June, 2016, 12:49AM
3 My name was Adeline Gault before I
by Adeline Sunday 16th October, 2016, 12:22PM

Please help me find John Stewart's lineage info born Belfast 1833

Friday 20th May, 2016, 6:23AM
2 Duplicate message
by Elwyn Friday 20th May, 2016, 10:09AM
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