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Cork City, Ireland
Cork City is built on the River Lee which divides into two channels at the western end of the city. Out and about in Cork city and county there are wonderful walks and attractions.

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William Barry

Sunday 19th February, 2017, 7:49PM
Cork 5 I  know that William is my
by Kat Monday 20th February, 2017, 10:27PM

Michael/Corneilius Corbett Mitchelstown, Mulberry Street

Wednesday 28th December, 2016, 8:30PM
Cork 9 My readng of those transcipts on
by shanew147 Tuesday 3rd January, 2017, 4:56PM

McCoys from Cork

Wednesday 28th December, 2016, 10:50AM
Cork 2 Hi Jo
by Clare Doyle Friday 6th January, 2017, 11:55AM


Wednesday 7th December, 2016, 7:31AM
Cork 6 Thanks Col,
by Kathryn Monday 6th February, 2017, 6:36PM

McCarty name

Friday 11th November, 2016, 12:07PM
Cork 3 Thanks Clare!
by Dennis McCarty USA Tuesday 15th November, 2016, 3:45PM
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