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Fermanagh, Ireland
Welcome to Co. Fermanagh or /Fear Manach/ in Irish, meaning 'Men of Manach'. We are one of six counties that form Northern Ireland, situated in the north of the island of Ireland. Fermanagh is the only county in Northern Ireland not adjoining Lough Neagh. We have a population of approximately 61,000 and Enniskillen is our county town. We loo...

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Thursday 22nd September, 2016, 9:22PM
5 Oh gosh Elwyn!! Thanks so much. I
by KerryKilmury Sunday 25th September, 2016, 5:43AM

Crozier family

Friday 5th August, 2016, 4:25AM
11 Thanks Elwyn - your input is much
by BrianH Thursday 1st September, 2016, 10:11AM


Wednesday 29th June, 2016, 4:33AM
2 Lynne,
by Elwyn Wednesday 29th June, 2016, 9:24AM

Info on Great-Grandfather's family

Saturday 21st May, 2016, 4:01AM
2 Terry:
by Castlemore Roscommon Saturday 21st May, 2016, 1:07PM

Morrow Family

Sunday 13th March, 2016, 7:24AM
3 Hullo Ruth,
by MarginOz Tuesday 10th May, 2016, 7:56AM
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