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McGrath Family Newport Area


Looking for information on McGrath Family for my family tree:  Newport Tipperary Area 


McGrath Gravestone inscriptions below from Kilnarath Graveyard— ( near Newport Tipperary)  The first inscription of the 4 listed below from  Kinarath Graveyard is my Great Great Grandfather Patrick McGrath.  He is 54 at death in 1885  which means he was born about 1831.  I do not know if the others graves are family. 


Patrick McGrath had a brother Cornelius McGrath who died 6 years after him on  26 july 1891 (found death date in family will). I located  a Cornelius McGrath from Killmaguage Newport parish that has a similar date of death he would have been born in 1821 so this may be the brother of Patrick.  Death is reported by house holder William Lenihan same address Killmaguage.


My Great Great Grandfather Patrick McGrath Maried Mary Healy on the marriage cert his address is listed as Nicker and Marys is Nicker Drombane Caherconlish Limerick.  They built a home & business on the N24 in Dromkeen Limerick its now the Maxol Station.  Per the family will only Malchey Mcgrath and James survived childhood to raise families.  They have 

Children of Patrick McGrath Maried Mary Healy

1860 Baptism McGrath John 
1862 Baptism McGrath Pat 
1864 Baptism McGrath Sara 
1866 Baptism McGrath Judith 
1867 Baptism McGrath Thomas
1870 Baptism McGrath Malachy --- He married Bridget Buckley lived Castle erkin, Limerick-- daugher Babe & Noonie.  Noonie married Jim Lane and they had 5 daughter Sr. Anna Lane born 1939 died 2014, Noreen Lane born 1942 living in Castle erkin, Beatrice Lane born  1938 died 1947,  Sr Joseph Lane, Rebecca Lane. 
1872 Baptism McGrath Sarah 
1874 Baptism McGrath James  ---my great grandfather maried Bridget Conway and their Daughter Mary Christina McGrath  Maried a Con Hayes and inheriated the house and business in Dromkeen Limerick....still in Hayes Family.  Com & Christina Hayes  had  8 children:  John, Bridie, Packie, Cecilia, Teresa, Toddy, Albert, Rita.   (Cecilia Hayes is my mother.)   
1876 Baptism McGrath Mary
1878 Baptism McGrath Margaret
1879 Baptism McGrath Cornelius

1) Erected by Mary McGrath of Drombane in Memory of her fond husband  Patrick McGrath who died 11th August 1885 age 54 years.  Also their children, Johanna died July 1872 age 6 years.  Thomas died 1872 age 4 years.  Cornelius died august 1883 age 2 years.  May they rest in peace.   

2) Erected by their daughter Johanna in Memory of her Father Michael Mcgrath who died 1879 and her Mother Ellen McGrath who died in 1866. May they rest in Peace, 

3) Not certan on year Here lyeth the body of Malachy McGrath Deceased March ye 2nd 1747 (? 1727 age 39 years .  Erected by Denis McGrath.  

4)  In Loving memory of John McGrath, Kilmaguage, died March 3rd 1905 

I  located this family  in Knockancullinagh  see below  and the birth dates for Cornelius and Patrick Match but this is just a good guess at this point.  

12 Children of  Malachy McGrath who Married Sarah Moloney--Knockancullinagh

1814 baptism Malachy McGrath
1816 baptism Michael McGrath
1819 baptsim James McGrath
1821 baptism Cornelius McGrath
1823 baptism Bridget McGrath
1825 baptism Johanna McGrath
1827 baptism Thomas McGrath
1830 baptism Patrick McGrath
1832 baptism Sally McGrath
1834 baptism Michael McGrath
1836 baptism Andrew McGrath
1837 baptism Denis McGrath



An elderly relative know deceased noted that some of the McGraths had come to the  turnpike rd from Knockawen in Lackamore Also their is a Lancelot McGrath listed in the will as next freind to childrend after Patricks brother Con died. 

Regards, Sheila 




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