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Seeking Patrick Downey

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I am trying to find Patrick Downey (my 2x Gt Grandfather) believed to have been born in Ulster in about 1819.  I first pick him up in Sheffield in 1844 where he married Bridget Cooney also from ireland (believed Dublin).  They were married on 7 March 1844 in Ecclesall Bierlow.  They had 8 children to my knowledge.  Thomas born 4 Dec 1844 and buried 16 Jan 1846,  John born 6 Oct 1846 and died in 1901, Mary Ann born 1 Nov 1848, Ellen born 18 Mar 1851 and died 1913,  James born 2 Mar 1855, Jane born 16 Jul 1856, William born 27 Oct 1858 and died 13 Jun 1928 (William is my Gt Grandfather) and finally Hannah born 11 Jun 1862.  On the marriage certificate is lists Patrick's father as Thomas - Labourer.  Patrick was listed as a Cooper.  Bridget's father is listed as William a Plasterer, later information gives Bridget's mother as Hannah Kay.  William Downey married Mary Tennant on 19 October 1891 still in Sheffield and Patrick is still listed as a Cooper.

Any help in tracing where Patrick and his family came from, and if there are still any living decendants  would be appreciated.



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Patrick Downey

Dear Joan, you need to narrow down your areas

I will see if I can help you with more clues, as a guess Patrick's Dad Thomas is born 30 yrs  before him & if he was alive in 1901 he would have been 111 yrs old, so he is not going to turn up there but we did repeat first names in the family & I looked up the name Thomas Downey - see following link, if you follow up the ones born in Ulster, you may get some leads. 



Have you followed them through on the Census in UK, Findmypast & ancestry have good search facilities, I have found that some of my family have gone the extra mile & put down their county or townland on the census forms.  What makes you think Ulster? Also look & see who they are living with & where are they from, are there any neighbours with similar names? they could be cousins or siblings.

Another source to follow is the certificates, you say you have some, are they civil or church certificates, if you have civil, then look for church, again it may give you more information.

Do you know where any of them are buried, if they have gravestones again you may find a location named on them.

Hopefully I have given you some more sources to look at & best of luck with your research. Carmel O'Callaghan

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Hello Carmel, Thanks for the

Hello Carmel,

Thanks for the reply, all of the hints you have mentioned I have tried, I originally found Patrick in IGI a site which has changed to Family Search which was if not still is run by the latter day saints, the info in there was sketchy to say the least, the only mention of the word Ulster is on the 1871 census where it also indicates that Bridget is from there, but I have her listed as Dublin.  The certificates are civil and mentions the church in Sheffield but cannot see where this might help.  I also have info on where they are buried as I use a site called the Sheffield Indexers who are transcribing all of their parish books at the moment, in fact I help them.  So I do not think I can narrow it down any further, if you believe with the info I have, we can, please let me know.






Bailieborough Cavan
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Patrick Downey

Sorry Joan, for not getting back to you sooner.


Did you get the copy of the Certificate from family search, yes they were IGI & still run by Latter Day saints.  Since they updated their site I have found some more information on it, having thought that I was finished researching someone.  If there is a Family Search centre near you, I think you can order the relevant micro film based on the details found & you can copy the item from that.  The certificate will give you more info than what was transcribed.


Also contact the church in Sheffield & see can you get the marriage certificate from them, if may give a little more information.


You also advise that you have seen the transcriptions of the parish registers where they are buried, did you ever get to visit the grave? you never know who was buried beside them & this might give you a new lead particularly if they are Downeys or Cooneys.


I visit graveyards all the time & I go back to the same places & sometimes I have found a "newly" person buried, that sets me off on a new lead.


Best wishes again Carmel 

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