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Looking for Caseys, Flanagans

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I'm a descendant of Peter J. Casey (my g-grandfather), who was born in Ireland in the late 1830's, came to U.S. around 1853, settled first in Cincinnati, Ohio, then moved to Louisville, Ky. where he lived until his death in 1910.

The only info I have on him is that the family "had a mill that went under with the famine", that a Patrick Casey was the witness when he became a citizen in Ohio in 1860, that he married Elizabeth Casey (of Catherine Ryan and Ed Casey) in 1869.  We were never certain of the county of origin for any of them, and don't really know if Peter and Elizabeth were in any way related prior to marriage (possibly second cousins?)

But I found an ad in the Boston Pilot "Search for Missing Friends" published in 1859 from a Peter Casey in Cincinnati looking for his cousin, Bridget Flanagan of Cargowan, Kilglass, Roscommon, who was to have come to NYC in Sept. of that year but hadn't been heard from.  I'm fairly certain this is MY Peter Casey after researching Cincinnati records of that time.

Peter named his first son Thomas J. and the naming pattern continued for the next 2 generations.

I have done an exhaustive search for the last few years on Ancestry dot com and at various places in the U.S. but haven't been able to find any more about Peter's origins.  I would so appreciate any information someone might offer.

Joyce Casey Hagan


Emma Carty
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Hi Joyce,


Thank you for your message. I have passed it on to one of our volunteers near the area. Hopefully they will be able to advise or assist you.


Kind regards,


Genealogy Support


Emma Carty
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Hi Joyce,


Our volunteer has come back with the following information:



Regarding Joyce Casey Hagan's inquiry, we have the following to report.

We checked the Baptismal records of Peter Casey circa 1830 and located three entries for the 1830s but would need to know the names of his parents to ascertain the correct entry.

Joyce should obtain the Marriage and Death Certificates of Peter Casey in the U.S.A., in order to ascertain his parents' names.

We did not locate children of Edward Casey and Catherine Ryan.

We did not locate marriages of chidren of Edward Casey and Catherine Ryan.   We did locate a marriage of a Bridget Casey, daughter of Edward and Catherine Casey, who married Luke Farrell in Ballagh Parish in 1870.   It is possible she was a sister.   The Church records in Ballagh Parish commence in 1865 so no Birth or Baptismal record was located for the children of this Edward and Catherine Casey.

We did not locate a Death record for Edward and Catherine Casey, the parents of the above-named Bridget.

The records for Kilglass Parish commence in 1865 and Civil Registration commenced in 1864, so it was not possible to locate a record for Bridget Flanagan or for Peter Casey, if he came from the same area, from the Baptismal records.   We may be able to find marriage records of some of Peter's siblings if Joyce can obtain information of Peter's parents' names from U.S.A., Marriage and Death records.

The foregoing information was obtained courtesy of County Roscommon Geneaology Centre based here in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon.

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