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John Kennedy Born 1801

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I am trying to find the names of my John Kennedy SR.'s parents.  He was born in Belfast, Ireland, 21 May 1801.  He immigrated to the USA 10 November 1819 per his naturalization document in Laurens County, South Carolina.  The one John Kennedy that I have found in the parish records was born  15 March 1801 in the Parish of of St. Anne's in the Townland of Shankill and he was a "foundling."   Any clues where I might search would be greatly appreciated.

John Kennedy married Barbara Kirkpatirck who also was from Ireland, but I do not know from where.  Her father, I believe, was John Kirkpatrick, who was a minister.



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St Anne's was the main Church

St Anne's was the main Church of Ireland (ie Episcopalian) church in Belfast in the early 1800s. What denomination was John?

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St Anne's was the main Church

I don't really know what John's church preference was in Ireland.  After he immigrated, I believe he was Presbyterian.  However,  there is some indication that he might have been Baptist.


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