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I am looking for the names of the children and grandchildren of Thomas Greer (1690-1737) and Ann Henderson Geer (1692-1719).  My family comes from Robert Greer (birth 1780) in Lurgan, Ulster, Ireland. He is supposed to be one of their grandchildren and he immigrated to The United States of America before 1808 when he married in North Carolina.

I would like to find out the names and birth/death dates for Thomas and Ann's children and grand children that remained in Ireland.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Patricia Groholski


Mallow Cork
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Ancestry has a familytree of

Ancestry has a familytree of a Robert Thomas Greer born  1December 1690 in Lisacurran, Lurgan, Armagh,

He had a son Thomas born in 3 Jan 1723 in Columbia, Georgia, United States and his father was James Greer born April 1653, Armagh Northern Ireland.

Looking at the names and location I reckon this family could be related

Hope this helps,


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