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Gibbons in Co. Mayo

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Searching for parish and parent information on Thomas Patrick Gibbons born about

1847 in Co. Mayo, parish unknown.  Father was John James Gibbons born about 1827, mother unknown.  They immigrated from Liverpool to New Orleans on

The Courtney in 1849..  Father John was probably too young to be on Griffith's so parish records appear to be only place to search. Already searched Tithes. 

John settled in Louisville, Kentucky and may have been related to Owen , born abt 1823 and Patrick, born 1808.  But there is no proof of this, they  just showed up about the same time.

Any infor on Gibbons who left Co. Mayo about April 1849 gratefully received.


Turlough Mayo
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I looked for a John Gibbons in Mayo on the Tithe Applotments 1823-37 - Westport and the surrounding area seem to be the most common source for this name.



The following records could be used to search possible relatives that may have stayed on in Mayo.

In the Griffiths Valuations in 1850's Gibbons Families are spread throughout the county, this site lets you also find the landhold on the Maps.



The most recent records you can search are the 1901 and 1911 Census



Here is a good website to Check Mayo Headstones in South, West, East Mayo


You may see a name on some of the above listings that your relative may have emigrated from.  An Obituary when they died in the states may mention the townland of origin.



Mayo Headstones in North Mayo



Feel free to ask further questions about Mayo






Kilcummin Mayo
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Hi, It will be a little tough


It will be a little tough tracing John Gibbons, as those are common names in Mayo. Have you completely exhausted your research in the US? Have you been able to find death certificates for John James or Thomas Patrick?  Usually death certificants can contain parent names, and if you have the mother's surname, that can help narrow down the search area.  

Another trick is to see if you can find any church records.  If Owen Gibbons had any children in Kentucky, finding out godparents names might indicate some family connections; same if John James Gibbons had any other children in Kentucky as well.  For me, my ancestors settled in Scranton, PA and I have been able to get marriage and baptismal information by contacting the churches in the area.

I have a Margaret Gibbons McNally Geraughty, b 1824 in my tree - luckily I found her death certificate and it indicated her parents were Thomas Gibbons & Jennie Connolloy.  I found a Thomas & Mary Gibbons from Mayo living in Scranton PA, where Margaret settled, so that formed a weak connection.  Then I noticed a family tradition of naming girls Mary Jane, but calling them Jennie, so that was another clue.  Finally, I found a baptismal record for one of Margaret's grandaughters with a Mary Gibbons listed as a sponsor, so this was more evidence in establishing family linkages.  Sometimes, you just need to find whatever you can ....

Let us know if you have any luck!


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