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18. Bequests to Orphan School (St.Catherines Dublin)

Circa [unknown to be determined]

St.Catherine's district = Orphan School of St. Catharine, Meath-street

Residents of the parish district, and Institutions are mentioned in these Last Wills.

Historical summaries from "CHARITABLE DONATIONS AND BEQUESTS (IRELAND)", concerning St.Catherine's district. The contents of the document itself in whole is quite lengthy, herein extracted from the original compiler [to be determined]. The following individuals and institutions may have had these transactions administered by the Earl of Meath Charitable Loan association of St.Catherine's distict. However details are not presently available to confirm this yet due to the poor quality of the digital conversion by ___.

[   ] Brackets have been inserted for the page herein to cover digital conversion flaws by [to be determined].

We beleive the material is now in the public domain. Please inform us of any further information.

extracted quote follows:


Orphan School of St. Catharine, Meath-street


Margaret Boyle, late of Upper
Bagot-street, in the City of Dublin, Widow: street, 10Z.; to the House of Refuge
for Unfortunate Females in Townsend-street, 101.; and to the said Samuel Bell
and Michael Merryman, 101.; to be by them disposed of for soul masses. And
whereas my said departed husband, Philip Boyle, was desirous and anxious to
promote the establishing and endowing a lying-in hospital in some part of the
Earl of Meath's Liberty, for the reception and relief of poor women in labour in
that neighbourhood, and there is now such an hospital opened on the Coombe in
said liberty, to which I have already given the sum of 100Z.; and being desirous
to forward the wishes and intentions of my said husband, and to contribute
towards the support of that institution, do hereby give and bequeath to the
Commis¬ sioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests the following securities
for money; that is to say, two Pipe-water debentures (No. 415 and 496), for the
sum of 100Z. each, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per cent, per annum; one
Ballast-office debenture (No. 549), for 100Z., bearing interest at 21 Margaret Boyle, late of Upper Bagot-street,
kc—continued. Prerogative Cosrf, at the rate of 4 per cent.; three of St.
George's Church debentures (No. 13, 14. 21), for 100/. I8SI* each, bearing
interest at the rate of 5 per cent.; and one county of Louth road debenture —
-(No. 149), for 50/., bearing interest at the rate of 5 per cent; said several
debentures amounting in the whole to the principal sum of 650/. of the late
Irish currency. I also give and bequeath unto the said Commissioners the further
sum of 30 I. a year, issuing and payable to me out Ox the rent of two
dwelling-houses and premises, situate at Merrion-square West, known bv Nos. 3
and 4 for an unexpired term of 28 years or thereabouts yet to come, the produce
and interest of said several debentures, together with said rent of 301, a year,
to be received and taken by the said Commissioners from and immediately after my
decease, in trust, and to and for the intent and purpose that the same shall be
applied and disposed of to the support of the said hospital herein¬ before
mentioned, in such manner as my executors, or the survivor of them, shall think
advisable end most prudent to promote the benefit of such an institution ; and
if both my said executors shall die before the funds I hereby bequeath for the
support of said hospital shall be exhausted, then the said Commissioners may
appoint such other person or persons as they may think proper to superintend the
application and disposal of said donations; and if it shall happen that the said
hospital now opened shall not be kept for the purpose aforesaid, and that no
similar one shall be established in said liberty, then the said Commissioners
shall and may dispose of such part of the funds hereby bequeathed for said
hospital as shall remain undisposed of, to such other charitable institution as
my said executors shall think proper.


James Fennell, late of Meath-street, in the County of the City of
Dublin, Gentleman: •j I give and bequeath to the Roman-catholic sick poor of St.
Catherine's parish, in the city of Dublin, the sum of 100/. sterling. I give and
bequeath unto the Roman-catholic poor sick of the parish of St. Nicholas
Without, in the city of Dublin, the sum of 50 /. sterling. I give and bequeath
unto the Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers' Society, in the city of Dublin, the sum
of 50/. sterling. I give and bequeath to the Mendicity Association of the city
of Dublin, the sum of 50/. sterling.


John Dowling, late of Thomas-street, Dublin, Grocer : v/ First
paying unto the Rev. William Welpy, of Meath-street Chapel, 5 /. sterling,
begging of him to offer up masses for the repose of my soul.


John Moore, late
of Grand Canal Harbour and Market-street, Dublin, Cornfactor, deceased: v' I
give and bequeath to the Rev. Mr. Kearney, parish priest of Meath-street Chapel,
a sura of 50/., to be applied by him to the poor of Saint Catherine's parish as
he shall think proper.


John Whitcroft, late of Highfield, in the County of
Dublin, Esquire : To the Society for the Relief of Sick and Indigent Roomkeepers
in Dublin the sum of 100/.; and to the Meath Hospital, situate in the Long-lane,
in the county of Dublin, the sum of 1001 j to the Fever Hospital, Cork-street,
100/.; to the Dispensary, Meath-street, 50/.; Lying-in-Hospital, Coombe, 50 /.,
if in existence at my death.


James Walsh, late of Thomas-street, Dublin, Coppersmith, deceased : a/ To
Meath-street Chapel, for masses for my soul,


Roche, late of New Row, County Dublin, deceased: */ Thirdly, I give and bequeath
to the president, treasurer, and guardians of St. Peter's Orphan Society,
Peter's-row, the sum of 5 /.; fourthly, I give and bequeath to the president,
treasurer, and guardians of St. Nicholas of Myras Or]Dhan" Society,
Francis-street Chapel, 5/.; fifthly, I give and bequeath to the president,
treasurer, and guardians of the Orphan School of St. Catharine, Meath-street
Chapel, 5 /.; sixthly, I give and bequeath to the president, treasurer, and
guardians of the Poor School, Bridge-street Chapel, 5 /.; seventhly, I give and
bequeath to the Roman-catholic pastor of Wexford, in the county of Wexford, for
the use of the Poor Orphan School of the said town of Wexford, the residue of
such sum of money as may be in his hands after the before-named legacies, but
all of which are only payable in case of James Roche, my son before-named,
should die before he arrives at the age of 21 years as beforeHmentioned; and in
case there should not be in his hands, if said James Roche should die before he
is 30 years of age, a sum sufficient to pay the before-recited legacies, I then
direct the legacies to Eliza Crosby and Eliza Murray to be paid in full, and
such remaining sum after those legacies to be divided, share and share alike,
amongst the five charitable poor schools I mention.



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