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The Cox, Fitzsimmons and McGlennon families

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My greatgrandmother, Sarah,  was married twice. The first marriage produced a son. The family name was Cox. 

After Mr. Cox passed away, she remarried a Fitzsimmons. One of their daughters was Susan and my grandmother's name was Rose. 

Rose fell in love with my grandfather, John McGlennon. It actually may have been "Glennon" because I believe he may have been Protestant which was the reason  Rose was sent to America around 1894 to live with a relative. John followed and they married. Susan, who also emigrated to America after finishing nursing school in London, returned to Ireland for holidays frequently. My Aunt Susan died in the 1930's. My grandmother died in the mid-1940's.

Rose grew up in County Down, the Fitzspatrick home and lands ran along a  cliff overlooking the Irish Sea. She told me how she would ride her horse with her collie following almost every day.

I do not know what town would have been near their farm, but Ardglass overlooks the sea and could be where they attended church.




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Thank you very much for your message and for sharing this information on our messageboards!

If Rose was born after 1864 there will be a civil record of her birth as civil registration became mandatory in this year. If you can find her birth record it will give you some idea as to what part of Down she was born in.  Civil records are available from the General Register’s Office in Dublin. Here is their website:


You can search the indexes to these records online at:


You could also try searching in the 1901/1911 census records to see if you can find any family that remained behind:




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Ros Davies site

Hi Emma, there is a free resource page ran by Ros Davies who has gathered any information regarding County Down it categorises according to surname and parish.

Cox link


Glennon link


Mc Glennon link


Fitzsimmons link


Hope this is helpful.


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