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Henry Family of Antrim

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Looking specifically for the birth and baptism of Jane Henry, daughter of Hugh Henry and Mary Ann Monford c1823 in Monaghan (written as Monaham, Ireland) according to the entry for Jane Barnes wife of Andrew Barnes in the 1871 Census for Walsall in the English Midlands.(Message sent to Monaghan Message Board)

Hugh and Mary had two other children in Grange of Nilteen, Antrim - a son James in 1826 and a daughter Mary Ann in 1830. (Source DVD Donegore First Presbyterian Church in County Antrim).


A son Thomas was supposedly born in Ireland in 1837 and a daughter Sarah Ann in 1841. Neither are on the Donegore lisiting so I would appreciate any hints on how I might locate them.


The family (mainly brick makers) probably moved to England c1850 and lived in the Midlands (Walsall area)  and Thomas (my maternal line link) then moved to Wolverhampton)


Any response to the above welcome plus any information on brick making in the Monaghan/Antrim area. 


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Thank you for your message.

Some sites which may be of interest to you are:



The National Archives UK – genealogy search: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/looking-for-person/

The Public Records Office of Northern Ireland http://www.proni.gov.uk/index/family_history.htm

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There wouldn’t have been a lot of brick making in the Donegore area. It was (and still is) a rural agricultural area where the main employment was farming. Most buildings in that area were made from stone or turf, not brick. I suspect the brick making skills were acquired when the family arrived in England.

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