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Daly Genealogy

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I am researching my Great Grandmother Julia Daly born in Kilkee about 1838. Her father was Frank Daly and her Mother was Mary Roonan. Her siblings were Mary Daly born 1835, Frank born 1870, Ellen born 1848, Margaret born 1851, Michael Daly born 1847, Nora Daly Unknown when born. Mary,Ellen,Michael,Julia and Margaret all immigrated to the Rock Island Illinois and Chicago Illinois area. Nora stayed behind and married Charles Mulbrandon in Kilkee, They had at least 2 children Patrick Mulbrandon and Charles Mulbrandon who both immigrated to Chicago.  My Great Grandmother Julia Daly married my Great Grandfather Philip Heffernan in 1866 in rock Island Illinois. Phlip Heffernan came from Holycross County Tipperary. Ellen Heffernan married Patrick Kelly in Davenport Iowa in 1868. Patrick Kelly also came from Kilkee.. Any information on the family would be helpful. My email is rockislandfred@gmail.com If anyone needs genealogy help in the Davenport Iowa area let me know Fred Heffernan


Clare Tuohy
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Fred You may have this


You may have this information already.A distant cousin (I have a connection through marriage)  has a tree on Ancestry that shows Philip Heffernan married to Julia Daly in Rock Island Illinois. The information  listed is that Philip was born in Holycross parish Tipperary on 13 Nov 1838 - There are also details of Philip's siblings and his parents were James Heffernan 1800-1884 Holycross and Mary O Dwyer. No information on Julia Daly's family. If you wish I can post more details or if you have access to ancestry you can see the tree as it is a public tree.

I'm interested in the mention of  Davenport Iowa  as a grandaunt of mine was a housekeeper for a Fr. Harney from Templemore Tipperary who worked in Dallas Center and also I think in Davenport around the late 1870's - he died in 1889

Hope this is of some help.

Clare .


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