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Fitzpatrick Familes of Cloughboola and Gurtnescregga

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I'm hoping there maybe somebody who can help me with my quest to find more information about my Fitzpatrick family especially the older generations further back.

My father comes from Freemount, his own father William Fitzpatrick (b. 1901 d.1950) was born at Cloughboola, Kilbrin. William had siblings Matthew, Michael (went to live at Kiltane, Freemount), and Mary Ellen (married Jim Murphy went to live at Gurtnescregga). Their parents were John Fitzpatrick (b. 1866, Gurtnescregga, Freemount d.1915) and Hannah Finn (of Curryglass, Dromina).William Fitzpatrick married his first cousin Bridget Finn (b. 1907 d. 1964) of Farthingville, Dromina.

He is buried in Kilbrin churchyard along with brother Matthew, parents John and Hannah, and Matthew's son Anthony (d. 1996). I have visited this grave several times - though not easy to maintain as I live in Shropshire.

I know there are older Fitzpatrick graves in this particular burial plot dating back to the 1700's with names like Cornelius and Denis Fitzpatrick (a cousin says our Fitzpatrick's have links to here 300+ years). They must connect to me and could most likely be my direct ancestors. My gr-grandfather John Fitzpatrick was from Gurtnescregga or The Commons, Freemount, as was his father before him Matthew (b. 1827 d. 1912), and his father before hime Richard (this is as far back as I know).

I do know my father has first cousins on the Fitzpatrick side living in Freemount, Mallow and Tullylease whom I have been in touch with, and asked what questions I could.

I'm just trying to get a better plan of the Fitzpatrick family tree further back and perhaps find more Fitzpatrick cousins along the way. If there is anyone who can help me I'd be most grateful.

Edward Fitzpatrick





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Hi Edward

Thank you for your message.  I will certainly have a look and see if I can come up with any information which may help you.  Please be patient as it may take a week or two.




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Hi Doreen,

Thanks very much for your reply and going to the time and effort to see what you can find, I appreciate it. Just to add a bit more information. My great-grandfather John Fitzpatrick had a brother Richard (who never married - lived at Gurtnescregga with parents ); a sister Anne who married John Walsh and lived at Clonkeen, Miltown (found in 1901 & 1911 censuses). John' s parents Matthew Fitzpatrick and Ellen Flynn/O'Flynn (b. 1831 Ballinla, Kilbolane - daug. of Michael Flynn and Johanna Moreton) married 20th Feb., 1857 in Milford. Matthew was baptised in Nov. 30th 1827, Kanturk parish. He had brothers Cornelius, b. 1829 (went to live at Glashaboy, Mallow), John b. circa 1835? Francis (became proprietor of The Hibernian Hotel, Mallow) and a known sister Sarah b. circa 1837, who married a John Littleton (went to live at Glashaboy along with brother Cornelius - found them in the 1901 & 1911 census returns). There appears to be another brother Michael who was supposted to have joined the RIC - though I know nothing more than this. Matthew's father Richard had a brother Denis, and probable brothers Matthew and John too (who may have married women by the surname of Barry and Bastable respectively). I found my x3 great-grandfather Richard F on the Tithe Applotment Books, 1834 for Clonfert, listed at 'Gurtneskreggy' with whom I presume were other Fitzpatrick family members at that same place. Richard looks like he married a Mary Roche/Roach, 4th Feb. 1827, at Churchtown.

Thanks very much again for your time.




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Hi Edward,


got your messge about Bastable but although I can find my post now I cannot find your reply so I will reply here and hope you see it. I am currently oveseas returning home in a couple of days. I think I may have a little information for you but need to check my files. I will be in touch again and let you know.





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My grandad was Michael

My grandad was Michael Fitzpatrick of Kiltane House, He married Kathleen Sheehan an they had 4 boys Sean, Richard, Finbar & Declan and 1 daughter Breeda.  Michael died in 1993 and Kathleen 1999, they are buried in the cemetry at Kilbrin. Richard was my father. Sean still lives at Kiltane and despite a badly broken leg a few years ago he is still going strong. The only one who left Ireland was my father and he died in 2005 (also buried at Kilbrin).  The others are still there, Declan is in Dublin, and for many years Finbar worked there although he lives in Mallow. Breeda is in Cork city.


Many years ago my Uncle Finbar started looking into the family tree I don't know how far he got with  this.

Sean isn't on the internet, so you could drop him a letter with  the information you posted on here and he might be able too give you any history he and the rest of his siblings may be aware of.

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