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Help with Mt Catherine

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Just returned from an amazing 2 weeks in Ireland. Found my great great great grandparents grave in Bridgetown. Connor Carmody was a farmer in Mt Catherine until his death in 1848. Tried to find some record of exactly where his farm was but with no luck. I wandered aimlessly one afternoon in Mt Catherine but all new homes now. Old letters suggest that they lived very close to the Blackwater.  Any suggestions on where I might look for any additional information?  Thanks. 


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Hi Michael, Have attached the

Hi Michael,

Have attached the list of Connor Carmodys who appear in the Tithe Applotment Books 1823-27.

Rather than trying to use my link just google www.titheapplotmentbooks.nationalarchives.ie/ and search for Connor Carmody Clare. You can then click on each to see where they lived.

Bets regards

Col Cafferky

tithes_carmody.pdf 220.96 KB
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Thanks. I have both a copy of

Thanks. I have both a copy of the Tithes Applotment Book and a map from that time but couldn't connect the two.   Is the line number in the Tithe Applotment Book (in this case 62) refer to a parcel of land on a map?  Thanks again.



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I'm no expert on the Tithes

I'm no expert on the Tithes so I've referred your query on to the site manager.

I've attached the Connor Carmodies from Griffiths Valuation which was done in Clare in 1855. 

This would have been after you Connor died so it might be a son or cousin.


connor_carmody_griffiths.pdf 120.99 KB

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