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Kilpatrick (Kirkpatrick) family

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My great-grandfather, John Kilpatrick, immigrated to Pennsylvanis USA in 1868, settling in Bridgeport.  He was married to Fannie Hutchinson the same year...not sure if married before or after arriving in US.  Her parents were George Hutchinson and Fannie Luke.    John was born in Dec 1849 in Northern Ireland.  He passed away in 1886 at the age of 37 leaving Fannie with 7 children.   I found out a short time ago that buried in his and Fannie's cemetery plot are another Kilpatrick family that I am assuming are relatives.  They are James and Annie E. Kilpatrick.  James was born in1830 and Immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1849 the same year John was born, so I know he was not John's father.  But he may have been an older brother or an uncle.   James' parents were Alex Kilpatrick and Margaret Tivadel.   I am trying to find out if Alex and Margaret are the parents or possibly the grandparents of John Kilpatrick.

 When John entered the US he was listed as Kilpatrick, but we grew up being told that our name was really Kirkpatrick. This may be the name that my Irish ancestors have always used.  Any information would be greatly appreciated !!


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Hi Paula,

On www.rootsireland.ie/ there is a baptism record of John Kilpatrick born 1849 in Donegal

There is also 1 record of James Kilpatrick born 1830 in Donegal

It costs to view these records but they would have the fathers' names which should help.


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The names Kilpatrick & Kirkpatrick are interchangeable in Ireland. Both were and are in regular use. You will see the records change from one to the other, within the same family, apparently on whim. Such practice was commonplace. Robertson & Robinson are likewise interchangeable, as are Henry & Harry (as forenames) or Nogher and Connor as surnames. And so on.


Kirk and Kil both just mean church. One being of Scottish origins and the other Gaelic.

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