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Stephen & Walter Joyce Derryrus/Lr. Camus/Rosmuc & Spanish Parade, Galway

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Seeking family of Patrick Joyce born in the 1840s  in Derryrush/Rosmuc area - father was Stephen Joyce

He may be the Patrick Joyce baptised 23 March 1842 in Rosmuc.  from Lr Comas.  Parents Stephen Joyce & Honor McDonogh.  Godparents Stephen McDonogh & Mary Sullivan.

Potential Siblings:

Penelope Joyce baptised 27 March 1844 in Rosmuc.  from Lr Comas.  Same parents.  Same Godparents.

Joseph Joyce baptised 11 August  1846 in Rosmuc.  from Lr Comas.  Same parents.  Same Godparents.

Joseph Joyce baptised 21 June 1849 in St.Nicholas N&E.  Same parents.  Godparents: Thomas Griffin & Mary Griffin.

Martin Joyce baptised 16 November 1851 in St Nicholas N&E.  Same parents.  Godparents:  Pat McDonagh & Catherine Green

Colman Joyce baptised 19 March 1854 in St. Nicholas N&E.  Same parents.  Patt McDonagh & Honor Kyne


I know that Patrick did come into Galway and worked as a Stevedore on Galway docks.  He married Mary Ann Daly from the Fishquay there on 14 September 1871.

They had one child:  Stephen Joe Joyce born 3 April 1886 in Galway.  Married Mary Kate Kavanagh from Fairhill.  After training as a Cooper, he later ran Ruane's chandlery business in Spanish Parade after the deaths of his mother's cousins, the Ruane Brothers, who had run a fish salting/icing export business there.  They worked closely with the Congested Districts Board fish stations around the coast of Connemara.


Family maintained contact with the Joyce family (Peadar Walter) in Derryrush up to the 1930s or 1940s.  I suspect Walter may have been a brother of Stephen Joyce Snr.  Family say that Patrick had brothers who jumped ship on the way to North America and went to Argentina or South America.  This suggests to me that they were in the Navy - probably Merchant Service - as passengers would not be likely to be described as having "jumped ship".


I would like to try to establish the relationship between Stephen & Walter Joyce, who were probably born in the early 1800s,  and to try to trace what happened to Patrick's other siblings.





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Hi - thank you for your message. You've alot of work done already!

Some sites & services which might be of use to you - if you haven't tried them already - include:




And also -

The National Archives of Ireland http://www.nationalarchives.ie/genealogy1/genealogy-records/introduction/

The National Library of Ireland http://www.nli.ie/en/family-history-introduction.aspx

The National Archives UK – genealogy search: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/records/looking-for-person/

Irish Newspaper Archives: http://www.irishnewsarchive.com/

Wishing you the best of luck with your research.


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Peadar Ó Mainin
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Walter Joyce family still

Walter Joyce family still live in  Derryrush  Great Great Gran Son  Patrick Joyce  he is 80 years old 

If i can can help let me know

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