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1 year 26 weeks ago Falkiner family Falkiner Genealogical Message 16
1 year 46 weeks ago Harrity/ Heraty; Kerrigan; Moran Genealogical Message 15
1 year 25 weeks ago Higgins Family Higgins Genealogical Message 14
1 year 13 weeks ago Sligo to coal mining regions in Pennsylvania Genealogical Message 13
1 year 32 weeks ago Martin Tighe (Tigue) Genealogical Message 12
1 year 24 weeks ago Kelly family Genealogical Message 11
50 weeks 4 days ago Mulhern (sp?) family General Message 11
1 year 42 weeks ago Robert William McILLREE (1777?-27.4.1848) Genealogical Message 10
42 weeks 4 days ago What is the Parish for Carn, Charlestown, Mayo Genealogical Message 9
42 weeks 3 days ago Kennedy/Reilly Search Genealogical Message 9
1 year 26 weeks ago Trying to figure out if my widowed great grandmother Anna M. Glynn grew up as an orphan or had maybe a step father. Glynn Genealogical Message 8
1 year 25 weeks ago Inishkea South Genealogical Message 8
48 weeks 4 days ago Peter and Bridget Grady Genealogical Message 8
1 year 32 weeks ago Andrews General Message 7
1 year 31 weeks ago Gallagher Genealogical Message 7
1 year 27 weeks ago Im trying to find the parish my great grandmother Anna Glynn grew up in. Glynn Genealogical Message 7
2 years 5 weeks ago Finding family / history Shanley Genealogical Message 6
1 year 38 weeks ago Patrick Lyden married Catherine Gavan 1834 Oughaval Parish Genealogical Message 6
1 year 26 weeks ago I have copies of vital records/newspaper article clippings of my great grandfather John James Nolan that may give clues about my great grandmother Anna M. Glynn's past. Genealogical Message 6
1 year 23 weeks ago PhD RESEARCH - LEEDS General Message 6

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