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Our goal is to try to identify the townland, parish and county where your ancestors lived - we are not a genealogical service but our volunteers are here to offer advice when they can. Attached are some guidelines for using the website and the IrelandXO Message Board.

When drafting your message we ask that you consider the following:

(1) Please provide specifics (names and dates when known) with your message. For example, “I’m looking for Burkes in Co. Galway” is too general and makes it difficult for our volunteers to pinpoint the information you need. A more specific message would be: “My great-grandmother Mary Burke was born in 1882. She left for the USA c.1902. Her parents were Thomas and Catherine Burke (maiden name Hynes). Mary had a number of siblings including Thomas, Catherine, William and James. I believe she was from the Loughrea area”. You may not know as much as this, but do tell us what you can.

(2) The message should indicate what sources you have already researched. Do you have the baptismal and/or civil birth record? Parent’s marriage record? Did you search the Griffiths Valuation, 1901 and 1911 Censuses. Have you searched Roots Ireland or reviewed the parish register on the National Library of Ireland site?

(3) Do you know the Religious denomination of the family.This is important to our volunteers who review the messages

(4) Full civil registration for births, marriages and deaths in Ireland started in 1864 with one exception. Registration of non-Catholic marriages started in 1845. Prior to 1864, church records where they exist, are the only sources for births and marriages. Keep in mind that very few churches have records back to the 1700s and the records for many churches may not begin until the 1840s or later

(5) You should include where your ancestor emigrated to (USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) and whether they married. If they married, names of their children in age order (if known) is important. Additional information about your ancestor’s life in the new country is usually not needed unless it would provide a clue where they lived in Ireland

(6) Do you have a family tree or other info that you can provide a link to?

(7) We try to respond to all messages. If you posted a week ago and received a reply include that background with your new message.


We like to be sure you have seen our reply. So, if you post a message and receive a response, please acknowledge it - a simple "thank you" is sufficient unless you have questions with the response you received. 

We hope you enjoy using the new IrelandXO website!



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