Ireland Reaching Out is a volunteer-based, non-profit initiative that builds vibrant, lasting links between the global Irish Diaspora and their parishes of origin in Ireland. We'd love to get in touch with any organisation around the world who are involved in the area Irish heritage and genealogy.

Ireland XO Infographic

How we can help

Do you, or any of your members of Irish descent, need help identifying where in Ireland your ancestors came from? 

Our local volunteers can:

  • help find out more about your family history
  • locate actual homesteads or gravestones
  • pinpoint archival documents referencing specific ancestors
  • should anyone decide to visit their ancestors' parish, we can organise for someone local to be there to meet them

​ If you have local initiatives that have a specific focus on Irish Diaspora, heritage or culture, we would love to share them with our members. Please let us know and we will do our best to promote them via our website

Please tell people about Ireland Reaching Out

We rely on word of mouth to raise awareness about our programme and appreciate you letting your members know about our free service. Where possible, please link to our website With over 95,000 members and growing, we are proud to be helping people all over the world connect with their Irish place of origin.