The Ireland XO Chronicles bring to life the heritage of a community by documenting the people, the buildings and the events that existed at any time in the history of the parish. Scroll down for our introductory video!

Ireland XO Chronicles

People of Irish descent, all over the world today, are connected by ancestry to places, people and events in Ireland.  This connection is by definition a local one. Nurturing and maintaining this bond requires worldwide collaboration, while at the same time maintaining ownership at a local level in Ireland.

Making local information available and creating a repository of information about the genealogical heritage of a parish is a fundamental step in making connections with our Irish diaspora worldwide. Showcasing our local ancestry and heritage, to the world, and inviting them to connect with us and also to contribute to our knowledge is a way to engage both the diaspora and local communities, as well as creating a valuable resource that collects and showcases information regarding our ancestral heritage.

Ireland XO Chronicles - Objectives

  • To identify every person who ever lived, left or had any interests in the parish.
  • To identify every building that ever was in the parish and to connect them to the people who lived, worked or studied there.
  • To know the events, in as far as that is possible, of what happened on a daily basis in the parish over the years and how they might have impacted the people living there.
  • To collect and display the above information in a way that is organised and created at a local level but that can be contributed to and accessed easily from anywhere in the world.

Linking people, place and time.

Ireland XO People

Ireland XO has dedicated an individual space for every person that ever lived or was associated with a parish, so that they can be recorded and remembered.  Their stories and connections are an integral part of the heritage of a parish and can be preserved and built upon for today’s generation and those of the future.

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Ireland XO Buildings

Ireland XO invites people all over the world to record the location and name of every building in the parish that has had people associated with it in the past.  This will include where individuals lived at any one time and with whom.

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Ireland XO Timeline

Ireland XO enables events and happenings to be recorded at ANY time in the parish’s history, creating a real timeline of the parish and allowing the transcription and preservation of the big, and small news of the time – for all times.

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