All over the island of Ireland, Parishes are reaching out and connecting with their global Diaspora - creating international visibility for their locality and building relationships with descendants of their community all over the world. There are many ways that your community can engage with its Diaspora on Ireland XO.  Use this toolkit as your guide to the resources available on this website and start reaching out today with Ireland XO!

Your IrelandXO Civil Parish Online Community

This is the hub of all your Diaspora communications and activity.

Ireland Reaching Out has structured its programme to be organised and managed at a local level, by locals and descendants of the Parish. Every Parish in Ireland has its own, dedicated community on the Ireland XO website. This is a space where the local community can interact with it global community, using the interface available.

Find your Parish's page here.

Your Parish Diaspora - in numbers!

Everytime a member of Ireland Reaching Out 'joins' your Parish, they will be counted as a member of the local community. There are many incentives for members to connect to your Parish.  They can post a message, create an Ireland XO Chronicles entry, receive updates about News and Events and even contact the Parish directly using the Contact form. 

Watch your online community grow as you engage with the Parish Diaspora and upload information about your Parish's past and present!

Example of how you can watch your Parish members grow

You can watch your Parish members grow here (for example for Tulla (County Clare))

Tell the world about your Parish

Your Ireland XO Parish pages bring your local community to the world. There are many different ways to create interesting and relevant content for your Ireland XO Parish pages:

Parish Message Board

See who is posting messages in your Parish - maybe you can help them out by posting a reply!

Parish XO Chronicles

Document the People, Buildings and Events of your Parish in this interactive family history interface - specifically for your Parish. Find out more and get started here.

Parish Local Guide

List and promote the local businesses, amenities and tourist attractions in your locality. Remember, any members of your global Parish community are likely to consult this when planning and making a trip to your area. Being included in the Local Guide for your Parish means you automatically appear on the all-Ireland Local Guide - so anyone travelling off the beaten track will know what your Parish has to offer visitors to the area.

Find out more about creating your Parish's Local Guide

Join the Ireland Reaching Out Volunteer Network

Being a Volunteer gives you special access to some of the interactive features of your Parish's online features.  Ireland XO Parish Volunteers can Post News and Events about their area - every week these will be sent in an automatic email to Parish members.

There are lots of other ways to engage with your Parish's Diaspora by Volunteering with the Ireland Reaching Out programme - see our Volunteer page here for more information.