bodies - Paris art exhibition featuring Irish artists

Thursday, 14 June, 2018
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'bodies' is an exhibition taking place in the heart of Parish this June and includes the work of two very talented Irish artists, Aaron Smyth, who is one of the artists-in-residence in the National Gallery currently (and who has previously taken part in a group show in IMMA, and also been exhibited in the RHA), and Jennifer Mehigan, an artist whose reputation in Ireland is only starting to catch up with her reputation abroad.

 bodies by Dylan Joyce-Aherne

About the exhibition

'bodies' is an exhibition that brings together seven young artists who are contending with the question of how to depict the human form today. Their work explores its reality (both physical and virtual), its strengths and vulnerabilities, its anxieties and hopes. 

In the fold - Asron SmythThe human body captures our attention in a decidedly non-art way. How we see and engage with bodies in art is entirely different to how we see and engage with artistic depictions of apples or trees, or with abstraction. The human body affects us more profoundly than other subjects.

Why is the body the universal artistic subject? 

Because it simply is the universal subject: the body is the site of being.

The body is inexhaustible as an artistic subject and in 2018, this side of visual abstraction and virtual reality, the body has never had more to say. Nor has there ever been greater need to listen to it.

Picture on right: In the fold by Irish Artist Aaron Smyth

This exhibition, also curated by a young Irish art critic, D. Joyce-Ahearne, is right in the heart of the gallery section of the Marais, in the centre of Paris. 

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Vernissage: Thursday, 14th June, 18h00
Open gallery: Friday, 15th June, 10h00 - 18h00
Saturday, 16th June, 10h00 - 18h00
By appointment: Sunday, 17th June, until 15h00

'bodies' features the work of:

Sam Hunt (
Christopher Landon
Manyoly (
Jennifer Mehigan (
Aaron Smyth (
Dylan Vandenhoeck (
Stephen Whittaker (

and is curated by

D. Joyce-Ahearne


@ 24 Rue du Montmorency, Paris 75003
Métro stop: Rambuteau