Place of migration
Migrated to /Born in Canada

Aaron may have came to Canada 5 July 1830 on a ship called Chambly.  The vessel may have landing in Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada.  Aaron Workman was a prominent member responsible for much of the successful development of the community of Hereford, Quebec, Canada.  He was the census taker for decades and was the boarder security for years between Canada and the USA into Vermont.  He owned land and helped fund the building of the school and church.  Burnet Andrews and his 4 sons build the structures while Aaron funded the projects.  There is one existing image of him that’s is known, and hangs in the church he helped to build. Aaron’s sister Margaret Workman married Burnet Andrews.  I am a descendant of Burnet Andrews & Margaret Workman.  If anyone can confirm any knowledge of Aaron Workman’s place of birth that would be greatly appreciated.  All I have to go on is his grave stone.  He lists his place of birth as “A native of the town of Crevelea, Parish of Aghadowey & County of Londonderry- Ireland”

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Oct 1802 (circa)
Date of Death 30th Apr 1882 VIEW SOURCE


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