Place of migration
Stayed in Ireland

Abraham C. Stoker Esq. is the father of Bram Stoker.

From 1815, Abraham was employed as a civil servant in the Chief Secretary’s office at Dublin Castle.

In 1822, he was made a member of the Guild of Tailors and became a Freeman by inheritance (on the basis that he was the son of William Coates Stoker). He never practised as a tailor however and continued as a junior clerk in Dublin Castle.

On 16 January 1844, Abraham Stoker Esq. married Charlotte Maria Blake Thornley in Coleraine. 

MARRIED In Coleraine Church, on the 18th inst., by the Rev. Knox Homan, Abraham Stoker, Esq., of Dublin Castle, to Charlotte Matilda Blake Thornley daughter of Thomas Thornley, Esq., Coleraine. [Ballyshannon Herald - 26 January 1844]

The couple moved to Marino Crescent in Clontarf. We can see their entry in Griffith’s Valuation HERE.

They had 7 children, the third child, born in 1847, was named Abraham Stoker after his father - this is the author Bram Stoker. (1847 was known as ‘Black 47’ as is was said to have been the worst year of the Famine).

He retired in 1865 and died in Naples, Italy on 12 October 1876. Interred at Cava de' Tirenni in the South-East corner of the cemetery, with the following inscription:

Abraham Stoker of Dublin
12 October 1876, a. 78
This stone records the love and sorrow
of his wife and children. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 12th Mar 1799
Date of Death 12th Oct 1876 VIEW SOURCE
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Frances Smyth (ca.1755 - ?) St. Andrews Parish
Father (First Name/s and Surname) William Coates Stoker (ca.1755-1827)
Townland born Dublin (possibly Damer Court near Mountjoy Square)
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornley (1812-1901) VIEW SOURCE
Names of Children William Thornley, Matilda, Abraham aka Bram, Thomas, Richard, Margaret and George Stoker.
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  • Sir William Thornley Stoker (Eldest of the brothers) proceeded to become a leading Surgeon, becoming President of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, and a Baronet. In the early 2000's, unbeknownst to me, while my Company [The Paper Mill, est'd 1992, now DMG Paper Mill Co. Ltd.), supplied The Library of the R.C.S.I., with various custom-made Acid-Free Archival Boxes for the preservation of Volumes/Journals, I discovered the R.C.S.I. Connection to my Family name (Maternally). Sir William died 1st June 1912, precisely 50 years before my Birth 1st June 1962. Signed; Declan Edward Stoker Walker McGinn (of Audrey Eugénie Walker, of Edward Charles Walker, of Catherine 'Kate' Stoker, of Charles Eyre Stoker, of William J. Stoker (b.1773/d.1848), of William Stoker......Brother of 'un-named' Stoker, whose Son - Richard Stoker, whom, in turn, had a Son William Stoker b.Circa 1754, whom, in turn, had a Son - William C. Stoker b.1799/d.1876 (as pictured and listed above), to be Father of said Sir William, and 'Bram' Stoker, et al. 


    Thursday 18th June 2020 06:02PM
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    Friday 19th June 2020 03:48AM
  • Hi, There is a typo in the above comment. The father of Bram and Sir Thornley Stoker is Abraham C Stoker, not William as above. There were actually 2 people in this family with the name William C Stoker. The first was William Coates Stoker (a corset maker, then a gaoler and then a basin-keeper) who was Bram's grandfather. The second was the son of Bram's Uncle Peter - William Coates Stoker, a legal man and diplomat, from London.


    Sunday 10th January 2021 06:48PM
  • Hi, I am interested in the source of the above Information where it says that Abraham's birth townland was Coleraine. The only reference I have found to his birth was in an 1854 affidavit for an Insurance Company where he states that he 'made all diligent exertion to procure a Baptismal certificate, but without effect'. I have understood from that, although he searched, he was unaware where he was born. In 1799, the year of Abraham's birth, William's address was given as Damer Court (where he had been since 1790) in a property Deed. Further, I have not found any trace of his father outside Dublin. Can anyone throw some further light on this mystery?


    Sunday 10th January 2021 07:14PM

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