AGNES POLK (Polke/Poke/Parke, Higgins, Wills/Allen)

Baptised in Church of Ireland 01/05/1803 – Ballysakerry, Co. Mayo. Address given – Loveliar, Ballysakerry, Co. Mayo.


  1.  12/02/1828, Killala Co. Mayo to John Higgins.  Address Kilmore Moy – Church of Ireland Marriage Record

One son born – Robert George Higgins

  1.  12/06/1833, Kilmore Moy, Co. Mayo to Thomas Wills – Church of Ireland Marriage Record

One son born – Thomas Wills – one female deceased

  1. 09/01/1839, Kilmore Moy, Co. Mayo to George Allen of Achonry – I have a copy of this Marriage record,

(there appears to be a second entry for the marriage that also includes her name as ‘Wills Parke’).

Father:  ROBERT POLK (Polk/Poke) 

b. Ballysakerry **  est. 1775. Occupation in 1840 at age 65 Postmaster, Killala, Co. Mayo.  Residence 1857 at age 82 – Townplots, West, Mayo, Ireland  Griffith Valuations show he held Townplots in West Killala, Co. Mayo – Chapel Lane, Church Street, Steeple Hill and William Street.  He is also listed (Piggot’s Directory 1824) – Mr Robert Poke, Tide Waiter (Customs House).   (=Customs Inspector)

** Could correct spelling be ‘Ballysakeery’?

Mother:   Jane Collis

No details known of Jane

Agnes’s siblings – not known

Actual Church Name/s and locations – also unknown


Born: Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo        Baptised:  12/08/1806

Father:  Thomas (farmer)

Mother:  Anne Duke

On George and Agnes’ immigration papers for the immigrant ship ‘Champion’ (arrived Sydney, 5 October, 1841), Daniel A. Browne, Curate of Achonry and Lord Lieut of Co. Sligo certified to George’s – baptism record, character, health, religion as ‘Protestant’, and that he could both read and write.

Siblings?  Place/s?

Marriage  Records

George Allen of Achonry to Agnes Polk on09/01/1839, Kilmore Moy, Co - I have a copy of this record,

No details known of either his father, Thomas Allen or his mother – Anne nee Duke

George’s siblings – no knowledge  

Actual Church Name/location  - also unknown


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st May 1803 (circa)


  • I have some information re Allen side of the family if you are interested -

    Patricia Allen

    Irish Roots

    Wednesday 17th July 2019 07:40PM
  • Hi beverly

    Just wondering if you ended up finding anything more on Agnes Polk

    My husband is descended from her son Thomas Wills-Allen.

    Dear old Agnes has created quite a stumbling block in our research to go any further back


    Natalie Willsallen

    Natalie Willsallen (nee Huston)

    Sunday 8th December 2019 09:05AM
  • Hi Beverly,

    I came across your post regarding Agnes Polk the other day. 

    My wife's great-great-great grandmother was Agnes and we're trying to build up a family tree. We are having a lot of troubles sourcing Irish records for both George and Agnes, and I notice in your post you have in fact been able to get some of those records.

    We are only newbies to the geneaology game, but would you be able to advise where would be the best place to locate these records - preferably online as we're in Australia?





    Aussie Pete

    Thursday 21st September 2023 08:06AM

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