The will of Alexander Burrows d 1834, mentions several properties being left to his children.  There are at least two other Alexander Burrows descendants- or other possible relatives- from this same area, of a similar time period.  I believe that "Drumaderanaghna" is "Drumderalena" or Drum. There were two Alexander Burrows that may have descended and lived in Drum and/or Carrowcrin, one was Coroner ( m Ismina ? ) who died in 1882,  while the other died in 1889 (m Fanny Elliot).

Perhaps others may find of this information helpful, or know more about each of these men! It would be great to find his marriage settlements.

I believe that my 3rd great grandmother was one his daughters, Ismina Jane, her marriage settlement to Robert White, of Whitehall, Tullycoly, mentions Alexander Burrowns and Thomas Irwin, who may have been acting as conservators.

Here is my transcription of the will from 1834:

In the Name of God Amen. I Alexander Burrows of Carrowcrin being of sound mind & understanding do make and publish this my last will and Testament hereby revoking any former will or wills by me heretofore made. And I do further make null and void a Deed of assignment by me made in trust to Thos Irwin & Thos Burrows being made Nov 2nd 1829 having reserved a clause in said Deed enabling me to do so. I leave and bequeath to my son Johnston that part of Carrowcrin to which he is entitled by my marriage settlements,  I leave devise and bequeath to my son Alexander my right title & Interest in the lands of Drumaderanaghna to be by him possessed & his heirs administrators & assigns I leave to my son John his heirs & administrators & assigns my right title and interest in the lands of Knockatuber Carricknagat and that part of the lands of Carrowcrin held by me under Edward Lynge Cooper (sic) I leave devise & bequeath to my son Rutledge my interest in xx houses situated in Market St Sligo & also a field tenanted by Owen Wynne Esq in Gores (?) Lane to be by him possessed by his heirs and administrators and assigns And it is my further Will that all money due me should be collected which sums are as follows by debentures in Latonches Bank ( sp?) to the amount of £ 900 or thereabouts the amount of a Deed of rent charge to me made by Burton Phibbs Esq bearing date 22nd day of March 1825 and balance due xx by Nicholas Fury Esq together with all smaller xx sums due by others to me and also that my stock of every description household furniture hay oats & farming utensils Plate xx xx shale be disposed of or sold in such a manner as may seem best to my executors out of the amt of which sum and produce of  xx stock x x  as above mentioned together with a sum of £ 135 now in my hands  my funeral expenses and all just debts and endorsements of mine on Bills posted on my account to the late George Burrows being first paid and further a sum of Eighty be paid to my son John and further it is my will that the remainder be the same more or less shall go share & share alike  to my four daughters by Ally (?), Jane, Anne & Margaret Burrows and it is further my will that if any or either of my above named daughters shall marry without the consent of my executor they shall be at liberty to either give (her) the portion of the one so marrying to herself or dividing it share & share alike among the others  I appoint Thos Irwin of Moorfield and Thos Burrows my executors to this my last will signed sealed and published in our presence & in the presence of each other—A Burrows seal… Edmund A Lucas.. Thomas Phibbs.. Jas Beatty.

 This is the last will and testament of Alexander Burrows late of Carrowcrin in the County of Sligo Esq dec’d having and soforth was proved in common form of Law and Probate thereof granted by the Most Reverend Father John George and soforth unto Thomas Burrows of Sligo Esq one of the Exceutors of said will he being first sworn by commission saving the right of Thomas Irwin the other executor also saving and soforth dated the fifteenth day of April 1834

 Dated 15 April 1834

Comments welcome!

Additional Information
Date of Death 1st Apr 1834 (circa)
Place of Death Carrowcrin VIEW SOURCE

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