Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in New Zealand

I don't know a lot about Bridget Coughlan. She was my great great grandmother on my father's side and she was born in Grean parish in 1870 and died young in 1907 in Dunedin, New Zealand. From the records I can find, she married my great great grandfather John Edward Mackey in 1892 in Dunedin, New Zealand. I'm currently trying to work out when she and her family migrated to New Zealand. I believe she may have been a child or at the latest a young adult and came here with her parents, Thomas (Thos) Coughlan and Ellen Curten (or possibly Curtain) who both lived out the rest of their lives in Otago and Canterbury, NZ. They were married in St Michaels parish in 1866. I don't know anything more about them unfortunately. I'm hoping to narrow down the ship they came on soon and find some more information online about Bridget and her family in Ireland.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 12th Dec 1870 (circa)
Date of Death 23rd Jul 1907

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