Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in USA

Buried near Lafayette, Indiana USA.  Immigrated to US with wife Mary Cronin (or Cloran) Parlon and children c. 1847.

Additional Information
Date of Death 17th Feb 1863
Place of Death Tippecanoe County Indiana USA


  • When Caleb Parlon and Mary Cronin(sp?) Parlon immigrated to the USA around 1850, his son Thomas Francis Parlon (my great grandfather) was reportedly born on the ship crossing the Atlantic.  They settled in Indiana near Lafayette and Romney. The Other children were:  Patrick b.1839, Bridget b.1840, James b.1843, Ellen b.1847,  and Thomas b.1850 who married Anna Cecilia O'Shea.

    Thomas and Annie had 2 sons James, and Caleb Charles Parlon who married Eliza Gaither Parlon (a teacher) Grandparents.  Their daughter, Anna Loretta Parlon was born in 1913 and married Robert C. parents.  I am proud learn more about my ancestors homeland.  My grandmother Eliza was nicknamed Par, and she was my favorite relative.

    These Parlon decendants are spead across America in several states.


    Monday 1st March 2021 01:03AM
  • Hi Margi,

    My ancestors  had the name Parlane or Parland.  I wonder if they might have been related somehow.  My ancestor Ellen Parland was born in Fortel townland, Birr, Co Offlay circa 1813.  Her parents were James and Catherine Parland.

    Have you done DNA testing?

    kind regards,



    Tuesday 2nd March 2021 12:23PM
  • Dear Karen,

    Thank you for sending your family information.  My ancestors spelled the name PARLON, although it was occasionally spelled Parlan.  I have not found Parlane or Parland in our history yet.  Is your family in Ireland, or another country now?

    I had my DNA tested throught a few years back and learned that I am 51% Irish.  I may do the more extensive DNA to discover matching relatives sometime.

    Best regards, Margi.



    Sunday 7th March 2021 04:47AM

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