Daniel Coyle 1822

Daniel Coyle 1822

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Daniel Coyle was baptized at St Marys in January 1822, possibly the 9th of January, the son of Anthony and Bridget (Curran) Coyle. The family were living in Townsend Street Dublin at the time. Anthony and Bridget appear to have had five children, Miriam, baptized 09/02/1818 at St Andrews, Thomas, baptized 22/03/1819 at St Andrews, Daniel, a second Thomas, baptized on 16/06/1824 at St Marys, and Bridget, baptized on 16/03/1827 at St Marys, while the family were living in Frederick St Dublin.

So far I haven't worked out how or when Daniel emigrated to Sydney, but on 29/09/1851 at St Marys Cathedral in Sydney, he married Ellen Ryan, an emigrant from Gowran, County Kilkenny. They went on to have seven children, unfortunately only four survived. John Coyle was born 01/08/1853 (NSW BDM: 696/1853 V1853696 70) and baptized on 27/08/1853 at St James, Sydney. Mary was born in 1855, but her birth records are missing. Anthony was born in October 1856, but the birth was registered in 1857 (NSW BDM: 2021/1857), and he passed away on 04/01/1861 (NSW BDM: 3637/1861). Twins, Bridget and Anne, were born on 25/03/1860 (NSW BDM: 9041/1860 and NSW BDM: 9042/1860). Anne passed away on 03/05/1860 (NSW BDM: 4686/1860) and Bridget on 01/08/1860 (NSW BDM: 4705/1860), so the family lost three children in less than twelve months! However they went on to have two more sons, Thomas was born on 03/07/1861 (NSW BDM: 9680/1861) and Alfred, who seems to have been born around 1862, bur no birth records have been found yet.

When they were first married, Daniel and Ellen were living in Elizabeth St Sydney, and Daniel was working as a saddler. But in late 1859 the family moved up to the then bustling inland port town of Morpeth, NSW and opened a bootmaking and leathergoods shop. The twins, Bridget and Anne, Thomas and Alfred were all born in Morpeth, and the twins and Anthony all passed away and were buried there. Then sometime after 1862 both Daniel and Ellen disappeared off the face of the earth and I haven't found any mention of them after then. The two elder children, John and Mary, reappear in 1873 when Mary was married in the Dungowan Creek area near modern day Tamworth, NSW and John was a witness. John was also married on 30/11/1880 at Dungowan and later moved into Tamworth itself, then eventually settled in Attunga, just outside Tamworth. The two surviving younger children, Thomas and Alfred, appear to have stayed in the Morpeth/Maitland area.

John Coyle was my great-grandfather, my mother's grandfather, so I would love to correspond with any other descendants of Daniel and Ellen, or any of their relatives, to try to resolve how Daniel arrived in Australia, and what happened to Daniel and Ellen after 1862.

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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1822 (circa) VIEW SOURCE

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