David Maloney 1830


Records show that he sailed to America on the ship Louisa on the 15 April 1848 and arrived in New York on 30 May 1848.  Ships manifest lists him along with his father, also named David and step-mother Julia (Cleary) Maloney, sisters Mary and Jane and two younger half siblings, Patrick and Catherine.

The family settled in South Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts where David's father and step-mother lived for almost 30 years. 

David married Margaret Warner in 1852 (who had immigrated from Bantry, Cork around the same time as David) and the couple moved west to Wisconsin in 1856, eventually settling in Hale, Trempealeau Co., Wisconsin where they lived until their deaths. In a biography David said that the family were sufferers of the great famine and came to America with almost nothing but through hard work he built up a very successful farm in that he passed down to his son James Maloney, though the farm was later lost during the great depression.

David's fathers Naturalization papers states his father was born in Glanworth, Cork, Ireland and I found baptismal records there for the two youngest children born with from his second wife, Julia Cleary, in Glanworth church records, so from that I think it's pretty likely that David, Mary and Jane were all born in that general area.  Thier mother's name (first wife Catherine Roche/Roach) was given on David's death certificate.

David Maloney senior was born 15 Jan 1805 and died 14 Jan 1882 according to his tombstone. Also on the same tombstone is a James Maloney who was born 1 June 1815 Glanworth, Cork, Ireland and died 23 Sep 1873 in Holyoke, Massachuesetts.  I believe this could be a younger brother or cousin of David senior who came over a few years earlier in 1845 along with a wife. I find no children born to them.


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Date of Birth 18th Jan 1830 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 4th Feb 1898 VIEW SOURCE



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