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Éamon de Valera  first registered as George de Valero; changed in 1910 to Edward de Valera; 14 October 1882 – 29 August 1975) was a prominent politician in twentieth-century Ireland. His political career spanned over half a century, from 1917 to 1973; he served several terms head of government and head of state He also led the introduction of the Constitution of Ireland.

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Date of Birth 14th Oct 1882 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 29th Aug 1975 VIEW SOURCE


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    Monday 23rd January 2023 04:04PM
  • I dont know true it or not, but it's looks interesting Eamon de Valera [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAIz2ymma_g]Eamon de Valera[/url]


    Monday 23rd January 2023 04:07PM
  • Thank you for sharing information about Éamon de Valera, a prominent politician in  squidward twentieth-century Ireland. It is true that he had a long and influential career in Irish politics, serving as head of government and head of state on multiple occasions. He was a key figure in the struggle for Irish independence and played a leading role in the Easter Rising of 1916. After being imprisoned and later released, de Valera went on to become the leader of the Sinn Féin political party and played a pivotal role in the negotiations that led to the establishment of the Irish Free State. Later in his career, he was instrumental in the introduction of the Constitution of Ireland, which still serves as the foundational legal document for the country. Thank you again for sharing this information.

    Monday 17th April 2023 02:53AM

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